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Recipe Collection Thread (recipe board)

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  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
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    Milk Chocolate Cake - from the Be-Ro Recipe Book


    200g 7oz Be-Ro Self Raising Flour
    225g 8oz Caster Sugar
    1 x 2.5ml spoon (1/2tsp) Salt
    25g 1oz cocoa podwer (seived)
    100g 4oz Margarine
    2 medium Eggs
    5 x 15ml spoon (5 tbsp) Evaporated Milk
    5 x 15ml spoon (5 tbsp) Water
    few drops Vanilla Essence


    Heat oven to gas mark 4 - that's 180C or 350F

    Grease two 20cm ( 8in ) tins (not loose bottomed as the mixture would run out)

    Mix flour, sugar, salt and cocoa.

    Rub in margarine.

    Beat eggs with milk and stir them, with the essence and liquids into the dry ingredients and beat well.

    Place mixture in the prepared tins and bake for about 30 - 35 minutes.

    When cold, sandwich and top with Milk Chocolate Icing.

    Milk Chocolate Icing:


    60g 2.5oz Margarine

    15ml 1tbsp Cocoa Powder

    250g 9oz Icing Sugar (sieved)

    45ml 3tbsp Hot Milk

    5ml 1tsp Vanilla essence


    Melt margarine, blending in cocoa, then stir in icing sugar, milk, and essence.

    Beat until smooth and thick.
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  • Eliza252Eliza252 Forumite
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    Hi, money Savers! Replace the Soured Cream with Yoghurt (thanks Lychee) and the Raspberries with anything you want thats a bit cheaper!
    thanks to Galtizz for recipe suggestion!

    10-Minute Raspberry Cheesecake ? How to Cheat

    Well actually it does take 30 minutes to cook but all you have to do is throw it together in lightning fashion. You can then top it with any soft fruit you like, but my favourite is with fresh raspberries and our hero ingredient for the week ? English Provender Co. Raspberry Coulis. This, as it happens, is also good poured over a bowl of hulled strawberries (which have been sprinkled with a little caster sugar) and a huge dollop of D'Isigny crème fraiche or, if you're feeling good, from the same supplier ? fromage frais.

    Serves 6

    2 oz (50 g) butter

    8 digestive biscuits

    12 oz (350 g) cream cheese, such as Philadelphia

    2 tablespoons caster sugar, plus one extra teaspoon

    2 large eggs

    3 drops vanilla extract

    1 x 142 ml tub soured cream

    5oz (150 g) raspberries

    1 x 200 g jar English Provender Co. Raspberry Coulis

    * Click on an ingredient to find out more

    Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4, 350°F (180°C).

    First melt the butter, then crush the biscuits to fine crumbs using a rolling pin and combine them with the melted butter. Now press the biscuit mixture evenly over the base of a lightly oiled, 8 inch (20 cm) springform tin.

    Then in a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of caster sugar together until smooth and free from lumps. Next beat in the eggs and vanilla extract. Then spoon the mixture into the tin, spreading it out evenly, and bake on the centre shelf for 25-30 minutes or until the mixtures feels firm in the middle. The cheesecake will shrink slightly from the sides of the tin but this is normal.

    Now turn the heat up to gas mark 8, 450°F (230°C). Spoon the soured cream over the cheesecake, sprinkle on the teaspoon of sugar and bake for 5 more minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

    To serve, loosen the base from the side of the tin, and decorate the top of the cheesecake with the fresh raspberries and drizzle over a little of the raspberry coulis. Pour the rest of the coulis into a small jug and serve separately.

    How to Cheat Hero Ingredient:
    1 x 200 g jar English Provender Co. Raspberry Coulis
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  • Curry_QueenCurry_Queen Forumite
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    Not sure if there's a proper name for this, although it somewhat resembles a frittata but isn't technically the same. It's a recipe a friend of mine came up with while on the Atkins diet (pastry = carbs!) and I'd forgotten all about it until I made one the other night to use up some bits n pieces from the fridge!

    It's one of those recipes that has no specific set of ingredients so just use whatever you have, even cooked leftovers ... i.e. chopped onion, peppers, bacon bits, courgettes, leeks, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, cooked sausages pieces etc ... the list is endless really!

    Gently fry off any raw ingredients such as onion, peppers, mushrooms, bacon etc and place in the bottom of an oven proof dish along with any other pre-cooked left-overs. Sprinkle over a generous amount of grated cheese if desired.

    Then you want around half a pint of beaten egg (approx 4 large, 5-6 small/medium) and add half a pint of milk (or single cream or even half-and-half milk/double, again depending what you have) season well and pour over cheese and veggies.

    Cook in moderate oven (gas 4) for 30-40 minutes until set and golden on top. Serve hot or cold with salad or crusty bread for non-Atkiners!
    Galtizz wrote:
    If it is made with just courgettes (and eggs) it is called Kuku (someone posted a similar recipe aaages ago before there was a old style thread). I googled Kuku and it is Kenyan for chicken :think: :confused:
    So in my house it is now known as KFC quiche (Kan't find the chicken).
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  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Every Day Biscuits - Make and bake, or make and freeze, then bake

    Yield: between 45 - 50
    Gas 5/190C/ 375F

    Metric Imperial
    225g 1/2 lb butter, softened
    100g 4oz caster sugar
    225g 1/2lb SF Flour
    5ml 1 tsp vanilla essence
    To finish: sprinkle of icing sugar

    Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, add vanilla and fold in the flour
    Mix to a smooth dough
    Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead for a minute or two. Roll into a sausage shape approx 5cm/ 2in in diameter, put in fridge to chill until firm.

    To Freeze: Wrap in foil, pack in a freezer bag. Seal, label and freeze.
    To Thaw and Serve: Thaw in the wrappings in the fridge for approx 30 mins, then cut into thin (ish) slices, place on greased baking sheets and bake in a preheated oven for 10mins.
    Transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

    Chocolate: Sub 25g / 1oz cocoa powder for the vanilla.
    Cherry: Add 50g / 2 oz glace cherries, finely chopped
    Nut: Add 50g/2oz chopped almonds or walnuts.

    These take moments to prep. I make one batch and cut the 'sausage' in half before chilling. Once chilled to firm, one half is then put in the freezer.
    The "dough" will keep in the fridge for a few days, so you can "slice" fresh biscuits as and when required.

    Feedback: Boys had a couple in today's lunchbox and gave their mates a 'taste' ... hehhehe, not only "compliments to the Chef" but now d10yo and his group want to "sell" some at Youth Club! :rotfl:
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  • apple_mintapple_mint Forumite
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    I lost my tea loaf recipe in my last move, but hubbie found this on the side of a packet of currants and I'm going to try it this weekend. My old recipe was based on cups and utilised mixed fruit but this is very similar and I'm sure you could substitute (and make it cheaper).

    For those of you who have never made a tea loaf, it is the easiest fruit loaf recipe in the world and the finished loaf looks and tastes yummy ....

    3/4 pint of cold tea (strained)
    7 oz soft brown sugar
    2 oz chopped mixed peel
    6 oz currants
    5 oz raisins
    10 oz self raising flour
    1 medium egg lightly beaten

    Oven settings: 160 c / 325 F / Gas mark 3

    Place the tea, sugar, peel, currents and raisins in a bowl, cover and leave to stand overnight.

    Stir the flour into the fruit. Add the egg, stir well and pour into a lightly greased 2lb loaft tin.

    Cook in the centre of a preheated overn for 1 3/4 to 2 hours

    To test to see if it is cooked, insert a skewer (or an old metal knitting needle) - if it comes out clean it is cooked.

    Serve thickly sliced, spread with butter
    Enjoying an MSE OS life :D
  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    This is quick, easy and cheap, and so tasty I've even used it for dinner parties. Always gets compliments, and even kids like it.

    "Chinese" chicken

    Serves 4
    8 chicken thighs, skin on
    6 tblsps wine (red or white, doesn't matter)
    3 tblsps dark soy sauce
    1 tblsp water
    1 tblsp sugar (just granulated is fine)
    1 tsp mustard (made mustard, not powder)

    Turn oven on to Gas Mark 5. In a casserole dish, put all the ingredients except the chicken and mix well. Add the chicken thighs and coat well with the mixture (I put them in with my fingers and turn them over in the sauce). Put the lid on the casserole dish. Put it in the oven. Cook for an hour or so. Take the lid off the casserole dish and put back in the oven to crisp the skin for about 30 mins.

    Sorry the timings aren't exact, but I generally judge it's time to take the lid off when it starts to smell nice!

    Serve with mashed potatoes to mop up the gravy and veg of choice.

    You can make this with more chicken, but it produces an amazing amount of gravy, so don't think you have to increase the amounts of things for the sauce too much. This dish freezes very successfully. You can also make it the day before and bung it in the fridge, in which case it tastes even better (and you can scoop off any fat, which makes it healthier!). Just heat it through again "till piping hot" as they say on the packets!
  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    30 elderflower heads
    6 pints (approx. 3 litres) of boiling water
    2lb (900g) caster sugar
    1 packet of citric acid (available from chemists)
    2 unwaxed oranges
    3 unwaxed lemons

    1. Gently rinse over the elderflowers to remove any dirt or little creatures.
    2. Pour the boiling water over the sugar in a very large mixing bowl. Stir well and leave to cool.
    3. Add the citric acid, the oranges and lemons sliced, and then the flowers.
    4. Leave in a cool place for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.
    5. Strain through some muslin and bottle.
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  • honeyhoney Forumite
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    (Not my claim - Annabell Karmels' - but they are darn good!!! :D )

    Makes 16ish

    3oz butter
    1 +1/2oz brown sugar
    1oz granulated sugar
    1/2 beaten egg (save the other half for scrambled egg or such? or make double amount of cookies!:D )
    1tbsp water
    1tsp vanilla essence
    1 +1/2oz plain flour
    1/2tsp cinnamon
    pinch of salt
    1/4tsp bicarbonate of soda
    3oz oats
    3oz raisins

    Pre-heat the oven to 180c and line two large baking sheets with g/proof paper.
    Cream the butter and sugars until pale then beat in the egg, water and vanilla.
    Sift the flour, cinnamon, salt and bicarb and stir into the mixture.
    Finally stir in the oats and raisins.

    The dough will be a bit sticky so dust your hands with flour and make walnut sized balls from the dough and place on the baking sheets (they spread so leave a bit of space in between each) flatten each ball down slightly and bake for about 15 mins.

    These are lovely soft cookies and "magically" dissapear in our house!!
  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Orange Ice Cream (Serves 4)

    300ml - 1/2 pint double cream, whipped
    300ml - 1/2 pint orange juice
    50g - 2oz caster sugar

    Put the cream in a bowl, add half the OJ and stir until evenly blended.
    Stir in the remaining OJ, a little at a time.
    Fold in the sugar.

    To Freeze: spoon the mixture into a rigid container, cover and freeze for about 1 hour. Stir it well, then, seal, label and return to freezer.

    To Thaw & Serve: transfer to the fridge for 15mins until softened slightly.

    Chocolate Ice Cream (Serves 4)
    (more work than the above, but worth it!)

    300ml - 1/2 pint milk
    75g - 3oz sugar
    2 eggs, beaten
    75g - 3oz chocolate, melted
    300ml - 1/2 pint double cream, lightly whipped
    Put milk and sugar in a pan, heat slowly until the sugar is dissolved, then pour onto the beaten eggs, stirring constantly.
    Return the mixture back to rinsed out pan and heat gently until the custard thickens, stirring constantly.
    Strain into a bowl, then stir in the melted chocolate.
    Leave to cool.
    Fold in the whipped cream, until evenly blended.

    To Freeze: Spoon into a rigid container, then cover with foil. Seal, label and freeze.
    To Thaw & Serve: Transfer to the fridge for about 30mins to soften slightly.
    I bought a carton of double cream reduced price so basically was able to make both ice creams for minimal cost!
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  • pinkylerpinkyler Forumite
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    This is the easiest Tiramisu recipe I've seen, and it's suitable for Vegetarians, AND for those of you who don't drink alcohol like me.


    2 x 284ml tub ELMLEA Light(or normal) Double Cream
    [DON'T EVER buy ASDA Double Cream, or your Tiramisu will be ruined! Trust me I speak from experience]

    1 x 250g round tub TESCO Italian Mascarpone

    2 x 425g cartons ASDA Thick & Creamy Custard
    [Good For You ones taste just as nice!]

    1 or 2 pack ASDA/TESCO Bouidoir/Sponge Fingers

    coffee powder mixed with some hot water
    [the more coffee powder you use, the stronger the coffee flavour will be]

    a sprinkle of cocoa powder


    First, dip the Sponge Fingers one by one into a cup/bowl/mug of coffee powder+water mixture - take care not to dip it too long as it'll make the Sponge Fingers soggy & messy. Then line your serving bowl with these dipped biscuits. What I normally do if there's leftover coffee mixture, I just pour the mixture over the lined biscuits.

    Next, pour the ready-made custard on top of the biscuit layer. Use as much or as little custard as you want. You can also repeat the layer of biscuit & custard as many times as you want.

    Next, using electric mixer, with medium or low settings, cream the Double Cream and Mascarpone Cheese until thick & creamy. Normally this will take about 20-25 depending on the speed you use. But becareful - do NOT over beat the mixture as it'll curdle if you beat it too much. Your Tiramisu will still taste nice, just not as smooth as it should be if it's curdled.

    Spoon this Double Cream & Mascarpone mixture over the custard, & level it.

    Finally, sprinkle cocoa powder on top of cream mixture to finish.

    Note: I normally use half of the ingredients, as the one above is to make use of the whole Mascarpone Cheese tub. Whenever I make Tiramisu, I always had to use at least 2 dishes, and always give the other dish to friends. Though sometimes I don't get the chance to as my husband loves Tiramisu & kept raiding the fridge!

    Enjoy! :)
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