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    Oddly enough I work the other way round. I have cash in my pocket - when it's gone it's gone. When it comes to a choice between something I don't really need and my bus fare... there's only one winner.

    Maybe it's because I learned the hard way (being pick pocketed) that losing a bit of cash is better than losing cards.

    Though I think it's not so much what you do - it's more to with self discipline. I'm better disciplined with cash, and you are better disciplined with a card.
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    Each day for a month write down what you've spent .See the waste then.
    MSE_Martin wrote:
    MoneySaving's about cutting your bills without cutting back, but sometimes it's necessary to tighten the purse strings. This can be anything and everything.

    So let's use MoneySavers collective knowledge to form the greatest ever checklist of ways to cut back. If this is good, I may publish the results as an article :)

    What am I looking for?

    The shorter and punchier the better. No more than a sentence, better if it's just a phrase. Simple is best. This is to help those people who need to reduce their expenditure quickly and easily. The less pain the better.

    My Starters

    1. Cancel unused TV channels

    2. Grow your own fruit and veg

    3. Use Govt MOT test centres (they've no vested interest in prescribing repairs for your car)

    4. Take a packed lunch to work (the MoneySaving equivalent of 'cuddly toy, cuddly toy')

    5. Use energy saving light bulbs

    6. Close the fridge door quickly

    7. Don't leave electrical goods on standby

    8. Take out a magazine subscription if you buy a mag each month anyway
    (or better still get 3 for £1, plus, sometimes, free gifts)

    9. Quit Smoking

    10. Walk/cycle instead of using the car for short distances

    11. Try camping for your holiday

    12. Use rechargeable batteries

    13. Use empty coke/water bottles as dumbells

    14. Start a compost heap

    15. Use a combination of stages for rail tickets rather than a full single ticket

    16. Try for student night haircuts at top salons.


    PS. Please don't start discussions on this topic in the thread. It's only for suggestions, it'd be great to keep it pure and on topic - that'd help a lot more people.
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    Every day for a month note what you've spent.See the waste....

    And, before you spend, ask her. She has to ask you too!!
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    Whe using cash don't use coins less than £1 and put change in a jar it's urprising how quickly it mounts up and also if you're using the larger coins/notes yu will be more conscious of what you're spending and maybe will be less likely to buy unnecessary things
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    Never take the children to the supermarket with you!!!!
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    victor2vt wrote:
    Never go shopping when you're hungry, go after you've eaten, you'll buy a lot less and only what you need, I'm speaking from experience !!!

    Also write a shopping list and stick to it , unless of course, you see a real bargain.
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    where did you buy your reusable nappies? any recommendations?

    use reusable nappies. there may be a laundry service near you if you are not sure about commiting yourself.
    we bought our ownsupply when our wee one was 6 months old, which should last through till when she is potty-trained
    & all for £64!
    doesn't cost any extra in washing as we now do a full load every day anyway
    also will save you money as you can't use fabric conditioner with nappies (reduces absorbency) so use white vinegar instead- much cheaper

    also use cotton wool & lotion/water rather than babywipes

    supermarkets have v good baby clothes (tesco, asda) also primark & dunnes
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    Dont be taken in by packaging - especially when it comes to 'diet' foods!
    For example: Sainsburys 'Be Good to Yourself' in instant hot chocolate £1.50
    contains nearly the same fat and calories as their value instant hot chocolate for 57p. A lesson in always reading the small print even on food packaging!

    Go one better cook your own low fat food from scratch for a fraction of the price of expensive 'diet' branded ready meals - instantly eliminate loads of hidden calories and fat, not to mention E numbers, preservatives, and a host of other nasties that most diet foods are heavy on!
    I've made my debts bite-size too depressing to look at all at once so am handling them one at a time - first up Graduate Loan £1720 paid off! only £280 to go!!!
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    I know someones mentioned House Swap, but there are lots of variations!

    There's the 'normal' straight swap, at the same time.

    Non-simultaneous exchange, where if you're not using your house you get an 'IOU' to use their 1st/2nd home at a different time.

    Hospitality exchange - a bit like B&B, they use your spare bedroom, and later you use there's.

    House sitting.

    Rental - Can offer your property to rent if you don't want to exchange.

    We've tried all of these except renting our property out.

    I don't know how much money it saves, some people do these to save money, admittedly for us it's been more a case of being able to go further, see more and do things more frequently!! Also you do see more of the 'real' world rather than the tourist hotspots.

    We used which I think is currently the biggest, but there are lots of others.
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    After reading this thread I downloaded my bank account statement from the FD website - in the last 3 months I've averaged £585/month CASH withdrawls - considering that I always buy "things" via my Switch card - that's just money I've spend on "stuff"! :mad: :eek: :eek:
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