'Which company do you think's worst?' poll discussion

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  • I personally are about to end 18 months of hell with British Telecom, Infact i recently told them they had no right to use the British name in there title as they s**t over every customer and are a SHAME to our great nation.
    Will never use them again!!!!! Any one who uses BT you have been warned
    Oct - anchor win
  • Ryan air without a doubt should be on this list, or does it just stand out as the worst ever so there was no point in putting it there!
  • You've missed off the one's that really bug me -

    Royal Mail
    City Link - the WORST courier company I've ever had the misfortune to have to deal with

    At least you didn't deal with Yodel!:rotfl:
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    I think Santander is the worst company I have ever dealt with and should be top of the list. After 4 months they have still not sorted out problems with my accounts. They are useless on the phone, ignore emails and letters and are worse than useless in their branches. The staff simply do not care or understand their own products and computer systems. I get mistake after mistake after mistake. Power of Attorney lost, hours on the 'phone and then new account details as promised are not sent. Staff never talk to each other or record details of what has been agreed. I threatened them with Ombudsman then eventually I was deluged with many hour long 'phone calls over the course of two days and still the mistakes are happening.

    I've had a similarly dreadful experience with Santander. After seeing Abbey National's customer service getting worse and worse for many years, it took an absolute nose-dive when they were bought by Santander, so I decided that it was time to close my accounts and move elsewhere (to First Direct, incidentally, with whom I've been blissfully happy ever since!). It took nearly a year and many, many visits to the local branch of Abbey/Santander to shut down the accounts. Each time the person I dealt with assured me "I'm really sorry, but this time we'll work out what the problem was and we'll make sure the accounts are closed. You'll receive a closing statement within 10 days." but the statements never showed up. It was murderous. I've also got an Alliance & Leicester account to shut down and they're now owned by Santander too, of course, so I'm really hoping that one doesn't go the same way (not least because it's a joint account with my partner and it's so rare that we have the time together to get out and do things like that together).
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    I wanted to vote but the bank from hell is not there. I am talking about Santander
    Why oh why were they not put on the list?????
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