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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Spent £3.40 on drinks and £4 on coffee. Todays grocery spend comes to £7.40, that leaves £602.60
  • Had my delivery from Mr T earlier. There were a few substitutions but not too bad. Unfortunately the driver forgot my receipt so it's in the post. Judging by my online banking it's £61.26 but I'm still not totally sure. We've got enough meals in to last till a week on Saturday now, so hopefully just a couple of small top ups until then.

    Here's my meal plan, in no particular date order, in case anyone's interested:

    SC beef in port & stilton w.rice x2
    butter chicken curry w.rice x2
    vegetable rice one-pot
    fresh pasta w.meatballs x2
    pasta bolognaise
    tuna pasta bake
    fish pie w.greenbeans,carrots
    gammon, egg & chips x2

    Please could I have your recipe for sc beef in port and stilton? :) thank you
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  • Hi,

    OH likely to lose job this year, don't know whether March or September so am trying to curb spending and save as much as we can. Going for £170 pm with me, oh and dd (age 8); I am loyal to local veggie van and milk delivery so no savings there (we are very rural and there are people totally dependent on these so I like to support them).

    The hardest thing for me is that I save money by lift sharing to work but then don't get the chance to go shopping so give oh a list of things to get on the way home which means far more than I asked for! The only way I will be able to this is by meal planning and batch cooking - a bit like going on a diet, on a roll to start with but then I fail miserably!

    I think this time I will keep a log of all food/household spend and see where all the money is going.

    good luck everyone!
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    Went to the C**p today as ran out of milk. I noticed they had mature cheddar 350g with 100% free for 3.29, I thought this was a good deal as I usually aim for about £2 ish a pack (even though i've noticed the packs are getting smaller), so I bought 4 packs, so now have 8 blocks of cheese in the freezer, so that should last a good while. The offer ends tomorrow HTH.
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    Hello! :)

    Please can you put me down for £150 this month? Really need to use up stores and save some money after spending a lot on visiting our lovely little grandaughter for Christmas, she is worth it though!:):A:)
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  • Please could I have your recipe for sc beef in port and stilton? :) thank you

    I brown off a pack of diced casserole steak (normally cut off the gristly bits first though doesn't matter too much in SC) and add to a tin of chopped tomatoes, 1/3 bottle port (or any red wine will do), plus a dissolved beef stock cube and a touch of water. Season with pepper and balsamic vinegar. I added what Stilton I had leftover from Christmas, but you need a fairly good amount, depending on what you have in/how strong you want it, diced into cubes and stirred through (it'll melt through pretty quickly). I cook on high for about 5 hours and the beef is like butter, so soft. I normally also add an onion, maybe some carrots or whatever's left in the fridge really. This normally does me and OH 2 dinners, sometimes with a spare lunch portion too. Goes nice with rice or mash. Hope that helps!
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  • Hi all

    I have been trying to catch up before posting my budget etc but seeing as it's taken me 4 days so far & I'm only up to page 20 it could be a while! So, I'm going to have to check in & slowly plod my way through the posts! Please can you put me down for £135 for January. I have changed my user name & so just for the record Helen I replace SallyHat! If that makes sense!

    We are 2 adults & 2 children. I will have no desserts or unhealthy snacks to buy or make for a while as we have 1 Birthday cake & 2 Christmas cakes to work our way through! I have made a meal plan for the month but am only shopping weekly so that the meal plan can be changed according to whoopsies etc! Tonight's tea was lovely, easy & new to me.

    Onion. Cranberry & Blue Cheese Tart (great for using up the Christmas cranberry sauce & end of the Stilton)
    I greased a baking sheet & placed one sheet of frozen Jus Roll Puff pastry (defrosted) onto it. I spread the pastry with about 2 heaped tbs cranberry sauce, leaving a border around the edge. I fried 3 medium onions (sliced) in a little oil for about 10 mins (until soft) & then put them on the cranberry sauce. I put this in the oven (about 180c fan) for 12 minutes. Then I crumbled about 3oz/80g of Stilton on the top of it & popped it back in the oven for 14 minutes! It was gorgeous (even if I do say so myself)! Kids loved it too (although DD2 tried to remove the onions)! I served it with veg & saut! potatoes. DH suggested we have it with salad another time.

    Sorry to waffle folks!
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  • hi everyone hope everyone is well, just caught up with last few pages this thread does move fast :)
    well had a longer day then expected at work so just got home,oh cooked tea a bit of a concocion but very nice currently eating chinese noodles,chicken skewers,mini prawn toast,mini wonton and mini spring rolls with dauphinose patatoes all reduced just before xmas so cost about 80p in total.
    ended up goin to t's earlier and got some covert garden potato and leek soup reduced 25p and some fresh stuffing balls with cranberry dip 25p so £2.97 so far £12.03 left for rest of wk
    the stuffing has gone in freezer and am having the soup for dinner tomorrow.
    also while i was there the staff was putting stock out for new promotion which starts tomorrow 18pk toilet roll £3.00 there was quite a few others things like heinz beans,curry sauce,stirfry noodles and stirfry sauces and some special k cereal and oats so simple porridge sorry i dont know the prices of them as they was just putting them out but good if any1 needs toilet roll,beans etc but will check prices in week
    oh has eaten all the tomato and parmesan rolls i made yesterday :eek::eek: so am going to make some more when ive had my tea i know its late but im always up late and i work fulltime so needs must.hope every1 has had a good day
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    3 more great recipes for the front page index :T:T:T

    Brassic Park
    , your SC Beef in Port and Stilton recipe is in the index
    Beccatje, I've added your Hutspot recipe to the index
    MissOrganised, I've added your Onion, Cranberry & Blue Cheese Tart too
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Happy New Year everyone!

    Well this is my first visit of the year and im proud to say i only went over in my December budget by around £10. I though i was setting myself an impossible task for my first month but it seems I wasnt far off! Going to stick with the same number this month too.

    So I have 4 spends to report already of £46.64. A bit scary as we are only on the 3rd but £12 of that was on fancy coffees (bags of, not take aways) that OH is making me include on the grocery budget. I would have left it out as we didnt buy it in the SM but I suppose I know I would be cheating!!

    Can I just say thanks to everyone for their support last month. I needed to reign in the spending especially over Christmas to allow me to continue my wedding savings and its worked!
    June GC £130.93/£150
    Wedding Date Set 13th October 2012 :T
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