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Hi i have got a load of fence panels to paint and fancy the idea of these new fence sprayers that ronseal and cuprinol have brought out. My gripe with these things is the cost of the fence paint to go with theses machines is over twice the price of the normal brush applied stuff so i was wondering if you can get away with using normal fence paint rather forking out a small fortune.
Hope someone out there has the answer..


  • we have the spray and its really good.would recommend for the time but the cost of the paint is,as you say, very expensive.you can spray a panal in about 10 mins compared to brush painting and the spray gets into all the nooks and crannies ythat you miss with a brush.suppose if you like painting then stick to brushes.why not ask for some as a pressie??the ronseal and cuprinol are expensive but you can tell the quality and they last longer than the cheap stuff.
    someone told me you colud spray using any kind of fence paint as long as its diluted at the right ratio but we havent tried it incase we break the machine so we just buy when its on special or save up.hope it helps.
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  • Wondered the same thing myself. Bought a ronseal sprayer at the weekend from homebase (£10 off if you spend over £50 on sprayer & paint at the mo)

    I have about 40 6' x6' panels to paint & as it was taking me about 30 mins to paint each one I really wanted to give a sprayer a go. It was very frustrating, did one & half panels before seeming to clog up. I then couldn't do anything, including being able to pump the paint back into the original container so had to try & pour it. Not easy, big mess, took ages, much grumpyness. :mad: I don't know if I didn't mix it enough, or was just unlucky, but it worked fine on the water used before & after. The ronseal paint seems thicker than the one I usually use (homebase own in big drums) so I wonder if that may be easier. Raining at the mo, or I'd have a go. May try tomorrow & will let you know.
  • HI there,

    Thanks for an interesting post - I have been wondering the same thing - feel I have painted enough fence panels to last a lifetime!! An outside panel has just been hit with graffiti too so I'm extremely cross but not yet cross enough to get out there and re-paint it.

    I'd be very interested to know if anyone has successfully used ordinary paint in one of these sprayers and if so how much water (if any) they put into the paint to get it to the right consistency.

    To the OP: have a look at Tescos - they have reductions on the Cuprinol sprayer but they also do their own brand one and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they have a silly reduction on their own brand one making it a steal if it works with ordinary paint.

    Happy spraying!

  • Just had a look at the tesco paint looks ok still a bit expensive though , really would like to hear from somone that has tried the bog standard stuff in a sprayer
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    I use creosote mixed with waste engine oil about 70/30 ratio every 2 or 3 years . Fence is as good today as the day i put it up 35 years ago.
    I have always brushed it on, don't think it would be suitable for spraying but you never know until you try.
    Money saving advice hopefully
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    hi, this is my first post so pls be patient!

    pleeeeeaaaaase be careful when using spray fence paint. my oh started painting on a beautiful day last summer, very very gradually the weather changed - the wind had picked up ever so slightly. i went out to see how he was getting on and saw that our new conservatory (only 2mths old!) was covered in spray paint:mad: it took 2 guys 2 days to scrape the paint off. even now i find spots of paint.

    as to the alternative paint question, sorry i can't help on that - just wanted you to take care!
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    just to reiterate what mohjy has said. i to have learnt the hard way and used a pump Cuprinol sprayer,also when there was the slightest brezze, i mean hardly moving. but it contaminated all my windows to front and side,also 2 nd floor windows !!!, and was lucky to not hit the next doors caravan parked on opposite side of our house but just shelterd! phew could have been a problem. it atomisers so fine the lightest brezze will carry it very far and as it does not dry whilst being carried it lands wet!
    best way i found to clean(the correct Cuprinol paint) was petrol on a cloth and a quick wipe with a clean cloth following removal (even when the paint was dry)
    mohjy try it on the spots left, petrol wont hurt plastic or glass.(at your own risk of course!!)
    good luck.
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    My prayers are answered - spray paint the fence even though it will cost fortune. My hopes are dashed - spray goes everywhere !!!
    Aw well, now to sit down and work out how many square inches of fence painting equals 30 minutes brisk walking.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    We have spent the weekend spraying both Front and Back fences.

    We used the cuprinol system and although a bit expensive (worth looking for offers as wilkinsons were doing 2 containers for £20 compared to £12.98 each in B&Q).

    It was a quick and very good job, fences very nice to look at again now. Gave a nice even finish. With a little proper preparation, i.e cover drain pipes, watch the weather, there were no problems with the ease of spraying.

    Wickes do their own system which is a little cheaper and may be worth a look but not sure if the quality will be as good. We didnt encounter any blocked pipes or other problems it all went very smoothly.

    Weighing the cost and time factor would definatley spray again in future and have reccommended it to relations.
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    i used a cheapish wood preservative (creosote alternative) in one of those cheap pump up sprayers, it works realy well and the sprayer i use for weedkiller as well after a good rinse!
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