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First post please so hope I get this right.

I recently submitted a claim for my PPi on my Nationwide CC, bit of background I took the card out in 2005 and it was hardly used until Dec 08 when we started renovating a property which resulted in it being used, when I took out the card I declined the PPi yet it seems it was put on when I called to activate the card.

I succesfully claimed from Halifax last year having been told we could not have our mortgage with them unless we took out their own protection, this led me to check all our cards and finances and in January 2010 discovered I had infact been paying PPi on my own credit card which I was unaware of (my own mistake for not checking bills), I cancelled the PPi immediately but due to work and family I only managed to progress the claim in November.

Today I have had this response from Nationwide and I was hoping anybody could offer advice on where to go next??

Following our recent letter, when we promised to look into the issues you raised about
the sale of our PPI policy attached to your Credit Card account a applied for in 2005, I
am pleased to tell you I have now completed my investigation.

I am sorry this matter has caused you concern, and we appreciate the time you have
taken to contact us.

You mentioned in your telephone call to us that you were also concerned about PPI
taken out with a loan you believed you had with the Society. I have looked into this
matter and found that you did not in fact have a loan with Nationwide. If you have any
information contrary to this I will be more than happy to look into the matter further.

Regarding the PPI on your Credit Card and based on the information available to me, I
believe that you were eligible for the cover, that it was suitable for you and purchased by
you after receiving the information you needed to make an informed decision. Having
reviewed the evidence, that has been made available to conduct a full and fair
investigation for you, I am unable to agree that your policy was mis-sold and therefore, I
am rejecting your complaint.

I would like to provide the following information in order to support my decision.
It is my understanding that your concern is that until early this year you were not aware
you had PPI and did not want it in the first place.

When you originally applied for your Credit Card, on 15 March 2005, you declined to
take the PPI. The account was subsequently opened, on 16 March 2005, however you did
not contact Nationwide to activate it until 21 March 2005 and at this time you spoke with ·
a representative. Although l have been unable to obtain a copy of the call recording in
this instance, I can confirm that our telephone representatives, when discussing PPI,
follow approved scripts. The representatives have no reason not to adhere to these
scripts as they are trained and monitored on a regular basis to ensure they remain

Sales during this period were made on a non-advised basis, and as such the Nationwide
representative checked your eligibility for the cover and then proceeded to confirm:

- The cost of the policy
- The benefits of the policy
- The main exclusions of the policy
- The Cancellation Rights
After the essential policy information was provided, you were then able to make an
informed choice about whether or not to apply for the PPI policy on your Credit Card. It
was only after your consent was given that the PPI was added to the account.
As well as providing all this information over the telephone, you received a full
information breakdown within the Policy Document once the policy had started. The
call, during which the policy was taken out, concluded with our representative reiterating
the importance of reading the documentation thoroughly. This included the terms and
conditions and it was your responsibility to familiarise yourself with them. A telephone
number was also provided within this brochure so that you could ring at any time if you
had any further questions. In addition, you were provided with your cancellation rights.
It was Nationwide’s responsibility to furnish you with the information you needed to
make an informed decision regarding the PPI on your Credit Card. You had originally
received that information at the meeting at the Nationwide branch, again during the call
to activate your card and lastly within the documentation you received. Once you were in
receipt of all the information it was your choice to make. Following this you received
monthly Credit Card statements which showed the PPI premium whenever there was an
outstanding balance. Given this I find it difficult to understand how you did not know
you had PPI on your account until january this year, when you cancelled it.
. I can confirm that in the event of a successful claim the PPI would have paid out
irrespective of your personal sickness policy.
Therefore in the absence of any evidence to show this policy was mis—sold and all the
evidence we have demonstrates the contrary, I am rejecting this complaint.
I really hope what I have been able to tell you has helped. However, if you have any
remaining queries or concerns that we may have missed or you feel have not been
answered, I would welcome the opportunity to talk these through with you so please do
not hesitate to telephone me on the above number. We always aim to reach a satisfactory
conclusion but if you feel there is nothing more you wish to add, I confirm this is the
Society's final response. If you are dissatisfied with the result of my investigation you
have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which is
based at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh \X/all, London, E14 9SR, telephone number 0845
080 1800. I have also enclosed its leaflet, which you may find useful. You will notice if
you decide to pursue this matter with the Ombudsman you should do so within six
months of the date of this letter.
Yours sincerely

Any help or advice will be gratefully accepted



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    That sounds pretty fair - apart from the fact that they do not seem to have exercised their right to timebar the complaint since, if your allegation is true then you will have seen the PPI on your statements every month for more than six years.
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    Yup thought this maybe the case, for a large period of that time there was nothing on the card so wouldnt have seen any PPI, but yes I was guilty of not checking the statements when paying them, I knew what was going on to them and just payed a set amount into the account online, as I hadnt agreed to PPi when I took it out I didnt think anything of it.
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