'Which company do you think's worst?' poll discussion

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  • Argos.
    Why have a catalogue system where you have one code for an item that has different variations, and then only let the customer know what variations are in stock once they have paid and waited an age for you to bring it out to them?
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  • Why isn't Currys on this this list? They would surely win.
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    I think Santander is the worst company I have ever dealt with and should be top of the list. After 4 months they have still not sorted out problems with my accounts. They are useless on the phone, ignore emails and letters and are worse than useless in their branches. The staff simply do not care or understand their own products and computer systems. I get mistake after mistake after mistake. Power of Attorney lost, hours on the 'phone and then new account details as promised are not sent. Staff never talk to each other or record details of what has been agreed. I threatened them with Ombudsman then eventually I was deluged with many hour long 'phone calls over the course of two days and still the mistakes are happening.
  • The utility companies are all bad, but Talk Talk are truly the worst I have ever dealt with. Contract ends Feb, yay.
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    The cowboy's from Anglia Windows should be on here.
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  • Asda are brilliant at giving a refund for faulty goods.

    Last time I was in Argos (just before Christmas), the assistant was extremely helpful.
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    Argos - Catalogue/web descriptiom Errors, yo yo pricing, substitutions, trying to get a linked purchase offer, Itunes deal codes nitemare, stock enquiry glitches, refunds/exchanges can be troublesome. Apart from deals they are not cheaper.

    Morrisons - Lack of checkouts open, Not prepared for opening i.e. instore bakery\butcher\green grocery often unfilled. Gaps wrongly filled up so stuff not ordered (like DG pods) Worst for short codes on fresh produce. Chicken breast often off colour.

    Southern Electric - Bad administration (why do Ebico use them as partners?)

    TalkTalk - Worst company for telecommunication!!
  • Vodafone, most definitely has been the worst company that I have had the misfortune to deal with this year. Just five months left and I will be on my way, and it won't be a day too soon.
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    Hi MrsMondragon,

    It's really disappointing to hear that you have been unhappy with the service you have received so far.

    If there is anything I can help with personally, you can email me via the address here with WRT135 FAO Heidi in the subject. Please also include a link to your post when getting in touch.

    I will be happy to help out in any way I can.

    Best wishes,

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  • You've missed off the one's that really bug me -

    Royal Mail
    City Link - the WORST courier company I've ever had the misfortune to have to deal with
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