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Mary Berry Christmas Cake Mix - Tesco's - NOW £2!!

edited 7 December 2011 at 10:29PM in Gone Off!
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  • J20BABYJ20BABY Forumite
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    Down to 3pounds in my local.
  • might bake another..... hehe
    3 kids(DS1 6 Nov, DS2 8 Feb, DS3 24 Dec) a hubby and two cats - I love to save every penny I can!
  • £3 in Elgin too, lots left as you go in the door.
    :j little fire cracker born 5th November 2012 :j
  • £3 in my Express in B*lfast
  • £3 in She*fie*d too and buns down to £2.50
  • Can someone help me just get this straight - is it a different pack for the cupcakes or do you just make either a large cake or the cupcakes with the same mixture? We don't have a Tesco anywhere near us (can you believe it!) but we went 25 miles to one yesterday and they had the Mary Berry cake mix for £5 but OH wouldn't let me buy one - he said I could make it myself as I have recipes for christmas cake by the dozen. If the cupcake mix is a different pack, could someone kindly tell me what the amounts of each ingredient are and a vague idea of method so I can make them at least? Please? The only alternative is to go back the journey we took yesterday which is a pain when there's so much to do now!

  • GigervampGigervamp Forumite
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    There's a cupcake kit and a christmas cake kit. I've only bought the christmas cake kit so can't help with the ingredients for the cupcakes.

    To be honest, you wouldn't be able to buy the ingredients for the christmas cake for less than £5, so you should have over-ruled your husband! :rotfl:
  • Thanks for this got the cake mix today...:j:D:j
  • PachaPacha Forumite
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    Just wondering what the iceing is like as my hub doesnt like a hard icing but a more soft icing, i know some christmas cakes have a hard crispy icing, and if this kit is like that how can i make it softer, was years since i iced a cake like this ,

    oh and my cake took h-o-u-r-s :o, i had to cook it in the bottom of the oven, its an old aga, omg it went in at 2pm and didnt come out until 3AM !!! but it looks really lovely, have wrapped it in grease proof paper/tin foil and left it in a tin, ill marzipan & ice next week, can't wait to taste it


  • MrsMopMrsMop Forumite
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    Mazza - the packs loook really similar but the cupcakes is a different pack for £2.50. Can let you know ingredients if you want as ive got one here?
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