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    Can I add a question?
    What does scrabble have to do with Christmas?
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    Call me Mr. Picky, but a dodecahedron doesn't have sides - it has edges and faces.


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    Call me Mr. Picky, but a dodecahedron doesn't have sides - it has edges and faces.



    And vertices!
  • There is nothing MSE in the quiz......and Martin's round is entirely about scrabble!!

    Therefore, I will probably score very poorly.......I love numbers!!

    I can probably answer some of the picture quiz and the general knowledge!!
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  • Had to guess for a LOT of these, but here goes:

    Martin's Round

    1. 3? Haven't played scrabble in years.
    2. Howard Wolowitz. Although he's not a flatmate as such.
    3. Qin?
    4. Bazinga
    5. 4 letters?
    6. An Albatross? My first thought was Eagle but I'm sure that's wrong.
    7. 37? That's mostly guesswork.
    8. something geographical...
    9. not sure I can make ANY words from that.
    10. haven't the foggiest; the clue was no help!

    General Knowledge

    1. Maybe the capital of Tibet... but if so I don't know what it's called.
    2. Literally no idea
    3. Hyper Text Modular Language? Pretty sure at least one of these is wrong
    4. Amy Winehouse's death?
    5. 7 and 20?
    6. Iowa, Indiana, Idaho, and the other one.
    7. Bacardi
    8. #noidea
    9. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
    10. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple?

    Picture Round

    1. Gavin and Stacy
    2. Elf
    3. Can't make out any of the faces, so no idea
    4. Doesn't ring a bell
    5. The Holiday
    6. The Royle Family
    7. The Polar Express
    8. It's a Wonderful Life
    9. Doctor Who
    10. Love Actually
    11. Miracle on 34th Street
    12. Whatever it was, I haven't watched it!
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    Ok, I'll go for...

    Martin's round
    1. 5
    2. No idea
    3. Qis?
    4. Bazinga (sp?)
    5. 5 letter words (complete guess)
    6. Triple Birdie?
    7. 67. (Play QI above the IF of BIFF, with the Q on a triple letter score. When i first read the question I got 103 by also having the I on a double word score, but I don't think there is anywhere on the board with a triple letter next to a double word.)
    8. Bridge?
    9. No idea
    10. Martina (complete guess)

    General Knowledge round
    1. Monte Video (complete guess)
    2. 1993?
    3. Hyper-Text Markup Language.
    4. NoTW Mobile phone hacking?
    5. 7. A dodecahedron is one of the 5 platonic solids; it is a regular 3-d shape with twelve identical regular pentagonal faces.
    6. Iowa. Indiana.
    7. Bacardi.
    8. No idea
    9. Mercury; Venus; Earth; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune. [Some people think Pluto is a planet, but I don't so hope Sheldon agrees!]
    10. Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue. (complete guess)

    Picture round
    2. Elf.
    4. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
    6. The Royale Family.
    7. The Polar Express?
    9. Dr Who.
    10. Love Actually?

    No idea on others.

    I think I've got about 22. 8 of them on the planets. Not good!
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    Martin’s round
    (these must be questions I can answer without needing to look it up)
    • 1.7?
      2. Howard something (don't watch this very often)
      3. Qix?
      4. Bazinga
      5. 3 letter words
      6. Albatross
      7. 26? by making qi twice and if??
      8. Trading centre, market town
      9. Nope.
      10. Lara
    The general knowledge round
    • 1. Lhasa (but the Chinese think Tibet is theirs now, so it's La Paz)
      2. No idea
      3. Hyper text M? Language
      4. Royal Wedding?
      5. 7, 20
      6. Idaho, iowa, illinois, indiana
      7. Bacardi
      8. No idea
      9. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto (I think Uranus was reclassified as a planetoid or something)
      10. Red, yellow, blue, green, black

      Picture Round
    • 1. Gavin and Stacey
    • 2. Elf
    • 3.?
    • 4.Nat Lampoon's christmas vacation
    • 5. The Holiday
    • 6.The Royle Family
    • 7.Polar Express
    • 8. It's a Wonderfu Life
    • 9. Dr Who
    • 10. Love Actually
    • 11.Miracle on 34th St
    • 12 no idea but :eek: at the girl's hairdo

    Oh dear, too many guesses, not good :(.

    It's only a game

    ~*~*~ We're only here to dream
  • csecse Forumite
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    1. 5
    2. Howard Wolowitz
    3. Qin
    4. Bazinga
    5. would guess at 6
    6. Albatross
    7. I can think of a way of getting 66, but there may be higher
    8. Don't know
    9. there's definitely a 7 letter word in there, something like aeoueu?
    10. don't know

    1. Quito?
    2. 1992
    3. hypertext markup language
    4. the Arab Spring
    5. 7, and a 12-faced solid figure
    6. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Idaho
    7. Bacardi
    8. #egypt
    9. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
    10. blue, green, yellow, red, black

    Pictures: don't know most of them
    2. Elf
    5. Four Christmases
    6. The Royle Family
    7. The Polar Express
    8. It's a Wonderful Life
    10 Love Actually
    11. Miracle on 34th Street
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