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December 2011 - Grocery Challenge

edited 17 November 2011 at 11:18AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mummybearxmummybearx Forumite
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    I include anything I eat or use around the home.

    Including all toiletries and cleaning products, all food and drink inc lunches at work etc

    Can't think of anything smart to put here...
  • Finally got in a couple of NSDs, thank goodness. :j Had begun to think I'd forgotten how to have a day without spending on food.

    Today, I went with my neighbour to a local farm shop, and couldn't resist some sausages, black pudding and white pudding for fab Xmas fry up (sampled them all first of course :rotfl:).

    Spent £3.69, which is very restrained as conscious of romping towards the budget limit, and no room in the freezer.

    Siggy updated...

  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    Spent around £7 on Saturday including a bunch of lillies, and the only non-essential was a pack of Lidl bacon bits at £1.50 for a kilo. There are three great chunks of ham in the pack and I intend to take off the fat and free for use over the turkey with any other fattier bits I find. Then it looks like a slow-cooker job with the ham although heaven only knows where I will find the room to put it. Just couldn't resist a bargain! Lentil soup, mini quiche, bits to add to pasta or sandwiches - the list goes on and on. A few years ago I would have spent twice that just buying fat bacon for the top of the turkey. So even though food may have risen in price over the last while, if you plan ahead you get double the value!

    I hope you are all managing a relatively stress-free build up to Christmas. I don't remember a year when I was offered quite so many money-off coupons and as I am not spending much I won't get any use of them. I will maybe stock up on dishwasher tabs. or something exciting just to get the benefit of one of them, or wine perhaps. These food retailers are going to have to work very hard indeed in 2012 to get much of my business! I wonder whether we will still be in Europe this time next year?
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  • rej-crej-c Forumite
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    An NSD today; aiming for another tomorrow [but it will help keep me on track if I remember to set up the SC before going to work].

    Also helping me focus my mind: I'm clearing out a bit more from the now-formerly Almighty Food Stash to donate to the local Salvation Army - pasta, tins, jars etc.

    Seems strange to be doing it at this time of year, when the urge is to stock up as much as possible; but it also feels healthy [in mental health terms] to be thinning the stockpile down to a more realistic quantity, bearing in mind the fact that there are only the two of us [and it's great to be able to walk around your bed without stubbing your toes on cans of beans :o]. And it's going where it can be used, so I'm not kicking myself for the original over-buying. Just trying to learn the lesson, adjust my mindset, and move on positively.

    Keep on keeping on, everyone :T
    Haven't done the GC since February, but a glance at the Tower of Receipts tells me I really need to get back into it... and plenty of other Challenges besides. :o
  • sproggisproggi Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    A NSD for me today.

    Went to put some l/o cauliflower in the freezer today and found that there
    was no way it was going to squeeze in. Going to have to go through it
    again and rearrainge it, I know that I have got a huge turkey in there plus
    the pork and beef for christmas, but I think things have got a bit jumbled
    in there.
    Started to come down with a cold last night (DGS came round full of it on Friday), so not felt up to doing much today, but hopefully can get my self in gear tomorrow as I don't want to waste the cauli.

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  • debbiedeejaydebbiedeejay Forumite
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    Extra £8.26 spent in Mr T's last night,due to the fact am still feeling under the weather and I really was not feeling up to cooking or eating but both DD's needed a good hot tea.

    Anyway amongst other things bought managed to buy a bolognaise pie(?) reduced from £3.49 to 85p -freezing this.

    Then as a massive treat 4 thin sirloin steaks reduced from £8 to £3.99. DD2 over moon as she loves steak and any meat but this cut is usually out of my price range and even £3.99 was pushing it but it was quick and easy and enjoyed by those who ate it.

    Me - hopefully getting better soon as being ill plays havoc with my GC budget:cool:
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi...had a nsd today and lunch and tea out whih cant be a chicken to roast tomorrow...left overs will be used with ham and white sauce in a pir the next thoughtsof a stir fry on tuesday but havent thought of much else...need to do a plan for next week.....i am hunting for a nice turkey for christmas am planning to go to the farm shop tomorrow and have a look and perhaps place an order

    take care tess
    onwards and upwards
  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Neary a NSD but I went to see the man in red and his reindeer and spent £2 on a cup of coffee. We all really enjoyed it and it makes a nice start to Xmas excitement!
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  • mum26mum26 Forumite
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    Hi everyone we are doing ok here this weekend (although kids have been very naggy about the boring food all weekend which is really helpful of them) I made a banana loaf today and dp made some fairy cakes so they are sorted for lunchbox / home from school snacks until wednesday. Dp will get some apples tommorow morning along with diesel. Then that is us until wednesday which is tax credit day. I am GAGGING to go to the shops but i'm really desperate to keep myself in check this month as we have car tax (£135 for 6 months!) due on new years day and £300 needs to be paid off very before the interest free runs out so it's essential to be sensible, restrain me people :D
  • tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    NSD food wise today but bought a pack of Wilko's basic pillows for £2.97 ( a bag smaller than 1 pillow of toy stuffing cost £5 in my local sewing shop.) and used one to stuff three Christmas trees. I also bought an acrylic snowman and Father Christmas figures that have a little light that changes colour for 75p each because the kids liked them, they look quite nice in my Christmas scene in the window. Oh! and some drawing pins to hang the paper chains. This all came out of my Christmas budget so not too bad.

    We had SC Spanish Chicken for dinner.

    I defrosted a bag of frozen chicken thighs and then seasoned them with salt and pepper. Fried them off for a few minutes to brown and seal them. Popped them in the SC. Bunged a chopped onion and couple of cloves of garlic in the pan and fried them off and them bunged them in the SC. Then added to the SC quatered mushrooms (probably around a dozen or so), a couple of handfuls of frozen peppers, a couple of sliced carrots, sweetcorn and peas, 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, a tblsp of tomato puree, couple of tsp of majoram and parsley (mixed herbs work just as well, I wanted to use these up) and about half pint of chicken stock. Served it with rice.

    We had enough left for a couple of meals to be boxed up.
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