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December 2011 - Grocery Challenge

edited 17 November 2011 at 11:18AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Have just spent £5.68 on groceries. Bought quite a few ingredients for the pitta bread pizzas I'm currently a bit obsessed with. With the stock cupboard ingredients I've already got, shouldn't have to do another shop until next weekend. But I'm very tempted to head to Lidl to get some of their 17p chocolate slabs (100g, weekend deal) - cheaper than Sainsbury's Basics, which are 30p each.
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  • Way, way behind on the thread already :o so apologies & hope everyone is well.

    First spends of the month £22.41 @ Mr A.

    Honestly, you get nowt for a lot of money these days - that was only milk, stuff for lunches, breakfasts and some hot chocolate! (needed on cold winter evenings!:))

    Got a pair of their fleecy pj bottoms a couple of weeks ago but have been unable to find a suitable top so splashed out on another pair today (£6) and found 2 x thickish long sleeved tops (£7 each) which match quite well - hoping I'll be a bit warmer in bed tonight. Brrrrr, it's freezing here!
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  • PipneyJanePipneyJane Forumite
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    Hi Everyone.

    Went to Waitrose yesterday: £14.10 on 4 tins of chestnut puree and 4 jars of their low calorie hot chocolate, so that's £14.10/£200.

    - Pam
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  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Another NSD for me, I must try to keep it up as long as I can so I can have more at Xmas. I have done a menu plan and its a bit boring but its only for four weeks!!! At least Im not cooking Xmas day my DD3 is, but Im providing pudding and thats a family tried and tested one.
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi...went to lidl today and got some of their chocolate...17p and its great for cooking...they seemed to have a few cheapish biscuits as well
    we had a lush reduced cheesecake for tea...very pleasant and i dont think i could have made it myself for the price it was reduced to....just got a chicken out of the freezer for lunch tomorrow and leftovers for a pie i think
    have a nice weekend tess
    onwards and upwards
  • Flat_EricFlat_Eric Forumite
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    no budget set for this month yet but not intending to have home delivery until the weekend before xmas and in the interim make do with what I have in my fridge/freezer/cupboards.

    Freezers are well stocked so shouldn't be too hard......

    Spends so far this month total £22.59. Will try to stay out the shop as much as possible.

    PS unrelated to GC - hope you don't mind but I bought the Hairy Bikers cookbook for an xmas present and wanted to get some pie dishes and related bits to go with the book. Can anyone recommend what would be best to buy ?

  • HiddenidenityHiddenidenity Forumite
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    Can I join you please :o

    Im going to budget £50 this month. Mainly to be spent on formula and nappies :rotfl:

    NSD 1st, 2nd and today :D
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    lakeland do lovely enamel pie dishes..were 3 for 2 a while back...not sure if they still are....wilkinsons do nice cook ware imo and u can pick up some nice bits in asda...hth
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Flat Eric, for shepherds pie and that kind of thing I have a couple of deep oblong enamel pie dishes, I have a couple of enamel plate pie plates. I also have a couple of small round ones, like a dish with no lip, that I use for things like cheese and potato pie. I bought all of them from ebay, they're all different sizes and I can always find one that suits the purpose.

    eta might be worth checking camping stores for them too
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  • Finally got control of the freezer - really showed it who is boss today :rotfl::rotfl: and defrosted it. Having a hotch potch tea tonight, and the rest of the food (trout/chicken thighs etc) is being cooked tomorrow to be refrozen, and I'll also have a hotch potch breakfast.

    So, recording another spendy! oh help! - this time stocking up the freezer at Lidl (lots of bargains inc mince at £1.09 for 500g, large chicken under £4 etc etc), M&S (no bargains), Morrisons (no bargains). Ah spend of £119.59...but it will last me months. I estimate until early March.

    There's still a little bit of room left to fill up, hopefully when I hit lucky with some whoopsies, then no spendies apart from fresh fruit & veg until it's all used up :T

    Off to update my signature.....:o
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