help;my eye gel keeps flaking

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i use eye gels,at the moment,the loreal one for reducing bags etc.but the thing is after a while,bits start flaking off like a mask.does not look very nice.
yet when i used it at the beginning,it was fine,so i don't know what i'm doing wrong.does anyone else have this problem and how have you sorted it,
its the same with other eye cream/gels


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    They can dry out over time, with eye gels you only tend to use a bit at a time and generally a pot of anything lasts only as long as the pot says AND THEN you gotta make sure its kept in a cool place where it wont dry out. I had one given to me by my friend from Soap and Glorey, she only used it once as it stung her eyes so I took over it. It sat on my computer in a fairly warm room whilst I used it when my eyes felt dry or achey, I wear layers and have a hot waterbottle rather then have the heating on all day (infact it only goes on after 11pm to cut costs) but still it only lasted about 4 months before it was just too dry and stodgy to use, its now in the bin!

    Check the time stated on the tube/tub, check the place its being stored (not in direct sunlight or in a warm place. Keep the lid on tight- though I'd bet you do that already :))

    Try a new version from Boots, if its fine then you know your version was old and that was the problem, Boots are fairly good at taking things back if they are faulty, if the new version flakes on you then you know its the cream thats the problem.
  • hi,jenniewb,when i put it on it is fine,not dry then ,but later it starts flaking away on my face,which looks ghastly
  • Could it be that your putting too much on?

    I had this problem with a cream I was using, I have always had a "slap it on" attitude but sometimes I think your skin cant absorb it all, therefore it dries on the skin and flakes.

    I wish I would take my own advice!
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    I would agree with YDSM that it sounds like you are putting too much on. for eye cream you should use less than the size of an uncooked grain of rice and that is sufficient for both eyes. It only needs patted into the occipital bone round the eye. If too much product is used in that area it usually leads to puffy eyes but in your case it sounds like it flakes off instead.
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    I agree with the other replies, but had another thought- are you using anything else, such as make up after or serum before? I've found certain products just won't work together- particularly anything oil absorbing. I had a similar problem with flakes round my eyes despite the fact I wasn't applying that product near my eyes, so I thought that it was worth mentioning.
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