Well - I'm confused!

Hello there.

I am on income support at the moment and getting carers allowance for my youngest son (and he gets DLA with lower rate mobility and middle rate care).

I also get child benefit, child tax credits, the interest paid on my mortgage and council tax benefit.

I have applied for a job but am so confused as to what benefits will stay or go!

It is 16 hours a week and will pay a little over £100 per week. I realise there are certain expenses to take into account before the carer's allowance is cut (I will pay NI and into a pension).

From what the JobCentre told me this morning, I will no longer get my mortgage interest paid, will get less council tax benefit but will continue to receive child tax credit and some new (to me!) working tax credit.

Does that sound about right?

This may be a really obvious question but it didn't occur to me in the JobCentre. If my carer's allowance is stopped, will my son continue to get DLA and at the same amount?

Thank you. :beer:


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