Complaining to the Kennel Club

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I am hoping you can advise me.

We bought a puppy through a breeder advertised on the Kennel Club website and this was one of the main reasons we went to them. I know they are not perfect, but thought it a better source than some of the free to advertise sites.

Long story short the puppy came to us with fleas, worms, campylobacter and Giardia virus. He's adorable and if you met him you wouldn't think he was ill. But we've been to vets at least once a week with him in the 4 weeks we have had him. Luckily we are insured.

Is there any way to complain to the Kennel Club and/or the breeder and/or anyone else? Will it do any good. I want the breeder to know/understand that the way they are bringing up puppies isn't right.

P.S I know I owe pictures of Benson and will post them up when I get home. :)


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    Unfortunately I don't think KC are the best governing body when it comes to guaranteeing how good a breeder is, really the best way is to go by personal recommendations, go to dog shows and get to hear all the gossip about various breeders (though bear in mind competitive people may spread false rumours) and also really grill the breeder with tons of questions to make your own mind up.
    Definately worth a complaint because otherwise how will KC know, they can't personally visit every breeder to ensure they're up to scratch. Even if they do visit some, it seems they have to give notice so the more unscrupulous breeders may just put on a convincing show for the visit.

    I have heard a few cases of breeders being taken to the small claims court to get costs paid back for puppies bought under the belief they were healthy, I think you'd go down the route of being missold something (because a dog is your property), and I think in some cases the judges have ruled the breeder to pay treatment costs, but I guess there's a risk that the judge may just say you have to return the pup for a refund/exchange (hopefully most would take a more emotional attitude to it rather than treating pup as an item though!)
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    Unfortunately the kennel club do register pups from byb which is where your pup might have come from. I usually tell people looking for pups to by pass the kc and go to the breed club where they'll find people who genuinely care for the breed and don't only see pound signs.
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    I wonder if your local trading standards office could help?
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    I'd also contact the secretary of every breed organisation related to your dog, as it is important that everyone possible knows they aren't as reputable as they claim - the secretary is often recommended as a good source for prospective owners.
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    Definitely contact the breed clubs for your breed and let them know the name of the breeder - good news travels - bad news even faster

    Im so sorry you have a poorly pup. I also never advise people to buy from "KC Listed" breeders as basically anyone can become one. Always always always buy through the breed club
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    In the link below there is a list of puppy sellers that Puppy Love have had complaints about, you could have a look to see if the breeder you got your pup from is on there, if he/she isn't if you want p.m me their name and I can ask for you.
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    Thanks everyone. I checked puppy love before and they definitely were not on that list. We realise, with hindsight, the benefit of the breed clubs and will use them to get our next dog.

    We got in touch with the breeder and she said we were the only people with problems, but did seem genuinely concerned and has offered us some financial compensation for the vet bills.
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    Another port of call could be your local council, as commercial breeders have to be registered with them as well.
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