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    foxxboy wrote:
    I don't think the AA offer local petrol pricing anymore, it was too expensive for them

    You need to try

    This has been mentioned on another thread
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    sara2323 wrote:
    I personally don't recommend lending books from libraries after just paying £15 in late fees, maybe money saving for those who are organized enough to return books on time!

    Why don't you look into renewing your books online or on the phone? Usually very easy to do and saves you going overdue.

    My libraries (Cambridge), if you register with their website, even send you reminders if books you have out are almost due, and you can also request books etc. on line
  • Don't forget to check out charity shops, especially if you like buying books. You won't get the latest releases, but there is bound to be something there by an author you like. Also you will be donating to the causes too.
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    The most important thing I suggest is that people get a decent calendar. Keep it in a prominent place (mine is in kitchen).

    Or use the reminder feature on the Microsoft Outlook calendar, put everything in there and set a reminder for everything.

    This would only work if you are always around or at your pc, and remember to leave outlook open.
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    Go to bed 30mins earlier than normal.

    The lights and TV/PC will be switched off 30mins early, set your heating timeclock to go off 30mins earlier.

    And sleep is good for you so the following day you will have more energy for money saving pursuits.
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    - When washing hair, don't rinse and shampoo again.

    - Put brick or other "water saving" device in loo cisterns.

    - If gas meter is in cupboard on outside of house, keep cupboard open, cool air will then cause gas to contract so you get more mass throughput per volume. You are billed on volume.

    - Pay to Walk. I pay myself £2.00 if I walk to the shops instead of using the car.

    - Make use of your local library/ books for nights in/ free internet access.

    - Keep coming to this site.
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    If you are using the oven to cook a casserole or roast something (not souffles etc), then turn off the oven about 5 minutes or so earlier than the recommended cooking time. There should be sufficient heat left in the oven to cook your dish, so long as you don't open the door and let the heat escape.
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    I do a couple of Saturday afternoons in my local Shelter shop (pause while I polish my halo!) and, aside from feeling all virtuous and pleased with myself, I also get some bargains from the clothes rails from time to time. For soon-to-be or new mums, I would recommend the baby clothes - they are barely worn before junior is too big for them, so they arrive at the shop in near- mint condition.
    I have also opened a second account with my bank, and pay a lump sum from my main account into it; that becomes my household account for shopping and similar expenses. This means (I hope!) that the direct debits from my main account go through undisturbed, and I still have my heated, insured, lit home!
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    jen_jen wrote:

    do you have anymore info on, have you used them? there isnt much info on the website - sounds great though free films and getting paid

    There's no guarantee you'll be allowed to watch the film - it's at the manager's discretion. What you are paid to do is check the ads and trailers.
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    If you use public transport in London, but not enough to warrant getting a weekly/monthly/annual travelcard, get a prepay Oystercard - big savings on regular single fares, and a fare 'cap' when you have spent the equivalent of the cost of a daily travelcard:

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