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  • fortunatly we only lost £100 deposit... i went over my plan with a fine tooth comb and everything was measured wrong, i rang u, each time 45 mins on hold grrrrrr all they do is ask you for new measurements.... is that not what the £100 plan is for?? i was getting that stressed after reading ll the complaints that in the end i got my hubby to call and cancel on which they said they would send out a different person to design the kitchen free of charge... we declined, they told us to cancel we would have to send back the slip attached to the plan, (the address is on the plan) or send it via email, because our kitchen was due in a couple of days she said she would cancel things her end and for us to just send the tear off slip back..... today 5.10.2011 the slip has been returned via royal mail (this was not sent recorded delivery, just had a first class stamp, luckily i always put my door number and postcode on the back of my mail incase anything has to be returned) the sticker on the front has different boxes to tick and the one ticked is addressee gone away..
    The address i was given was
    Martin Sersen
    Kitchens uber
    unit 32
    2 sawley road
    miles platting
    M40 8BB

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    I haven't used this firm but another to avoid is Betta kitchens also in the 0161 area. I requested a brochure in August and since then they have been ringing me repeatedly, sometimes 3-4 times a day on my mobile and landline. They ignore text requests to stop ringing and have put me off using them completely. I am now trying to block their calls.
  • CRAP DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVING RIP OFF MERCHANTS. Unfortunately, I have purchased a kitchen from them (so called liquidation stock), the wrong handles delivered, which I am still waiting for the replacements some 3 weeks after the delivery. No predrilled holes on any of the units for the door hinges, the drawer unit has no holes for the drawer runners, wrong door sizes, I am on the phone to them as i type this review, and the ignorant woman is telling me that the doors are the only liquidation part of the kitchen, the rest can come from anywhere. She has actually just hung up on me. She stated that no units are pre-drilled because the doors are from different manufacturers. This is why they only accept cash or a bankers cheque, so you have no means of getting your money back. BE WARNED, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES.:mad:
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    is why they only accept cash or a bankers cheque
    That would have raised an alarm for me and I would look elsewhere.

    If the quote seems too good to be true, ................
    "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
    Ride hard or stay home :iloveyou:
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    Hi, We have just ordered a new kitchen plus white goods from Uber Kitchens based in Manchester, we live in the South East. A rep. came to visit, seemed straight, only took £100 deposit and the kitchen should be delivered to be fitted end of July. The price was almost half the price of other quotes and too good to miss. After he left we looked at each other and wondered if it was a scam, we have telephone the company today and spoken to a customer service person, the rep. rang us back when we asked for a return call,all seems kosher, still feel jittery though. The rep. had no brochures to leave with us, he had no business card. Anyone out there dealt with this company please. Thanks :o
    hi ya, i had yesturday two men who came round they measured our kitchen and took a hundred pound dep, they seemed nice but forward, they had no identification but explained, we now on google wondering if we too have been scammed, i too dont know what to do, we dont know weather to wait and check everything if not dont pay, or cancel and go elsewhere, did u have a funny feeling like us
  • hi ya, i had yesturday two men who came round they measured our kitchen and took a hundred pound dep, they seemed nice but forward, they had no identification but explained, we now on google wondering if we too have been scammed, i too dont know what to do, we dont know weather to wait and check everything if not dont pay, or cancel and go elsewhere, did u have a funny feeling like us
    apparantly if u go onto watchdog uberkitchens in google it brings lots, also martin lewis money, let me know how u feel please, me and my partner are in two minds
  • We unfortunatlly did buy a kitchen from kitchens uber, we to thought it was a good price, and everything was going smoothly until, there was a 1000 unit missing,we were told that we had held £100 back and the delivery driver had took 2 units back, and until we paid another £100 we could not have the unit. The delivery driver was paid in full and took no units back i can assure you, then i was told by the so called customer service that either my husband or myself were thieves for not paying the money,and we not getting the other unit until the money had been paid, but as a goodwill gesture they would let us off for the other £50. After much screaming at the horrible woman i paid it just to get the kitchen finished.
    After it was fitted yes it does look very nice, until 1st the fridge handle came off, sink taps on very loose. kickbaords all loose and big chunks missing out the top of them, frigde legs broke and put on wooden pegs to make them level,, oh and then today 1 of the units has dropped and now covering up the socket so we cant turn it off and on. This company should not be allowed to trade they are a disgrace, if anyone is thinking of having a kitchen of kitchen uber PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THEM THEY ARE COWBOYS AND THIEVES.
  • Can anyone help,

    Having just seen the posts i'm starting to worry! I'm having someone come to my home in Bristol early next week. Someone called Mark.

    What are people's thoughts on uber kitchens? Anyone else in the Bristol area had uber kitchens come over? Who was your salesman?

  • many thanks to this forum. we today have had a representative from uber kitchens (oldham based) and were quoted 45% less than a previous quote for same kitchen. we SERIOUSLY considering placing an order as the price was too good to be true, although we did have some slight apprehensions. my wife was receiving the 'hard sell' and even though she told the rep we were looking to get other quotes she was pretty forward in explaining she would only hold this price until tomorrow evening. even when i came home just before she left she went through her pitch again, and stressed the importance of securing our order ASAP. she even offered, as she lived locally to visit personally to collect our CASH deposit. 10 mins after she left she texted my wife to suggest 3.30 tomorrow. my wife asked the question regards payment and was told it cash or bankers draft (obviously as then it cannot be traced). we came across this forum purely by chance and feel very fortunate that we did. we have now texted the representative; REBEKAH and told her due to the comments we have read (albeit not naming this site) we will not be proceeding . her reply was 'oh gosh' oh sorry', i will have a look myself, i think customer services needs looking at"

    i would certainly advise anybody NOT to contact this company unless its the FRAUD INVESTIGATION UNIT!!!
  • I have just spent a day fitting an uber kitchen and i can honestly say they are a disaster, the drawn plan was a joke, the sizes were wrong, there was no consideration of how waste pipe were to run, electrics or pipe boxes, if i was to try and fit the washing machine as per the plan i would have to knock a wall down.

    The units were of very poor quality, glue everywhere, badly chipped and did not fit together properly, some so badly it was impossible to level.
    drawers are cheap and flimsy.

    I have fitted a lot of kitchens from a lot of different places an this is one to avoid at all costs.

    so if you wonder why there cheap, its cos there rubbish.

    A new kitchen costs a lot of money, please don't waste it on uber kitchens.

    uber kitchens came to my home today and quoted £1200 for fitting and it is a very small kitchen but they told us we had to source our own plumber and spark and remove a small wall ourselves!
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