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Royal bank of scotland credit cards and loans are sold to you with cover for illness/redundancy.

I have had an accident and cannot work ive claimed for the year cover but knowone will tell me when/if i can claim again as i am now unable to return back to work. I was originally told i would have to wait 6 months then i would be able to claim again,six months later im now told that this is not the case.
Any ideas where to take this??

Im sick of having people walking all over me and why are they still making me pay for the cover if its no use to me??

Please help


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    First, welcome to MSE.

    Your post is not very clear.

    Did you claim 6 months ago and the insurance has been paying out since then? Has it now stopped?

    Or when you tried to claim, did they tell you that you had to wait 6 months before payments would start and now 6 months on they are saying that they did not say this?

    Or something else?

    If you are sure that the cover is no use to you then cancel it BUT don't do this until you are sure that you cannot make a claim.

    EDIT: I can't find the terms and conditions for RBS Credit Card Protection online. Do you have a paper copy - these should tell you what the terms are for claiming.
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