MSE News: Council tax to be frozen next year

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"The Government is to announce plans to continue a freeze on council tax at today's Conservative party conference ..."


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    £805 million of unspent cashOfficialStamp.gif

    Unspent cash? Don't we have a national debt to pay off?
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    cut it should be scrapped
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  • jamespir wrote: »
    cut it should be scrapped
    I seem to recall that was tried a few years ago, didnt work out too well.
    Personally I'd like to see a local income tax, mainy because I have a low income, the tories would never go for that, although "labour" (huh) never sought to make the system fairer on their watch.
    My council tax is my largest bill.
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    Continue a freeze? I must have missed this years freeze & suspect I'll miss next years as well
  • Heard this on the news couple days back - least that gives me one known cost next year
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  • hmmm, this equates to an average saving of £6 a month, that will soon get eaten up in rising fuel and food costs, a great help?, I think not
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    The government has very few "profit centres" of its own [Margaret Thatcher sold nearly all of them, and so has the Greek government]; what it spends it has to raise in taxes and other "unmitigated charges", borrow from our children, or print.
    Printing causes "taxation by inflation" and debasement of the currency.
    Can we be confident that this £6 quid is just a way of ensuring that the local authorities really are cutting costs or simply "kicking the can down the road" by "saving" Greek style: "sacking" civil servants who were coasting to retirement in 6 months time, by giving them a full early pension?
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