Water coming through on inside of door


When it rains water drips down the inside of the back door. We've checked the guttering and there doesnt seem to be a problem there.

There is now a patch above the door where the paint is peeling due to the water repeatidly coming through. With winter fast approaching this is concerning me a lot and I need to get it fixed - is this a job for a builder or do I need a more specialised tradesman? Any help would be great especially with what the problem could be so that I can describe it to the builder properly!

Thanks in advance.


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    Not 100% clear TBH (apologies if I am being dim). Does the water come in when it rains generally or specifically when it is driven against the door? Are we talking about heavy rain or any rain? You mentioned guttering but just to eliminate.... Is there a gutter running above the door and if yes, is it clear of debris? Have you observed the guttering (if above the door) when it rains? Functioning ok (no leaking joints)? Some pics of the door/surround might help (inside and out).

    Could be a simple problem (and therefore easily fixed) so let's explore the MSE suggestions that will follow first....:)
  • Hi Chunks

    The water comes in when it rains and when the rain is driven against the door. The guttering does run above the door and we have checked the guttering and it's clear of leaves etc but we havent checked the guttering when it's actually raining (as it's been dark when it's been raining recently) - so thats def a place to start.

    I will try and upload some pictures later.
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    check the sealant in the door frame.
    and also check out the general condition/pointing of brickwork. water could be getting in there and running down to the door lintel.
    thence inside the house/door frame.
    Get some gorm.
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    Does the door open towards inwards or open outwards ?
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