Frugal Living Challenge 2011 - Part 3.

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    we went to the circus tonight! ring seat tickets for £9 for me and my son because the lady in the post office gave us her voucher!
    It was fantastic! worth every penny! As was the £2 worth of candyfloss which was GIGANTIC!
    My cat is hanging on to life though the vet said it isn't her thyroid so it's just a matter of time now. Weeks possibly but as she is interested in food, purrs, likes sitting in the sun and is cleaning herself I think she has quality of life.
    Tax credits went into the bank today so I celebrated by buying two Led Zep albums for a fiver each.
    Mr T's tomorrow, with my list to stick to. I shall not deviate!

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    I was told Marmalade was going to pop her clogs pretty much straight away and she is still going strong.

    Still naughtier than ever trying to dive into anything edible and sitting on my head every morning!
    Here dead we lie because we did not choose
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    Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose,
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    Didn't even get shortlisted for the job, gutted :(
    Not much else around that has the hours I need to fit with the children so going to continue being frugal and re-assess with DS2 goes to school next Sept.
    Lovely sunny day again today, 2nd load of washing in the machine and going to walk to school all 3 times today!
    Mum, worker, dog mum, partner.
    Keen to live a healthly lifestyle and save money

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    Lola, well done!:D

    I'm a bit of a hoarder myself and I know how difficult it is to throw things out (for me, it's the "well I better keep it just in case" and I end up with all the drawers stuffed with stuff I will in all honestly never use).

    You've inspired me and I've just been and cleared out 2 of my kitchen drawers already this morning. One now has utensils (but not every day ones) in and I've also managed to fit in my winter stash of batteries. As for (what is supposed to be) my kitchen cutlery drawer......

    It's been a long time since this was done and you've no idea what I found (34 tops from pop bottles in case I lose 1:o and 4 grill pan handles being amongst the ones that I do feel able to share).

    I was looking for an elastic band to put round a bag of flour the other day and couldn't find one - now have an old margarine tub in the drawer with loads in (which were all in there:o) etc - and the drawer's only 1/2 full!:D

    Thank you - keep going, it will be so worth it (going to try to tackle the desk drawers later on).

    Thank you!
    My secret confession;

    I haven't slept in my room for over a year! I pulled out my wardrobe and was too tired to finish clearing it out, so slept in sons room. And everytime I cleared out downstairs, laundry dried etc I would dump it all in my room, on the bed etc all in the false hope that I'll fix it at the weekend. It never happened.

    My sons room has been sorted, kitchen sorted (I have 2 cutlery drawers, 1 for knife, forks n spoons that kids can go into, and one with everything else, Sharp knives, wooden spoons, can opener, etc) hall is nearly done, bathroom done, living room will be done when my wardrobes are fixed, all my clothes are on my 2 seater couch.

    I've started taking anti depressants again :( and they are making me ill, which I was to expect for a few weeks, but I think I need to go get them changed, as they are coated in lactose, which I'm allergic to. Severe stomach cramps where my 'pot belly' turns into a massively pregnant belly for a few hours and is super tender to touch, it makes me exhausted. And I've lost my clear out mojo :(
    Which I need to get back asap, as I need to get the boiler fixed b4 we get horrible weather again, or my pipes will burst, n that is all I need.

    Sorry to hear of ur loss PIC. x big hugs x
    Lovely poem Sandra x
    Well done on the job Aril x
    Good luck next time Nat x
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    Oh I say Spiral some interesting interpretations from The Dream Moods Dictionary :) Could just drink a wee glass of your cider too :beer:

    To see apples growing in a tree in your dream symbolize knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. Rewards are on the horizon for you. Consider also the common phrase, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" which may imply that you need to take better care of your health. Perhaps you need to go to the doctor. Or the dream may also be a metaphor for an apple computer.

    To dream that you are eating an apple denotes harmony, pleasure, and fertility. In a biblical sense, eating an apple symbolizes your sexual appetite, lustful desires, and sexual awareness as associated with the apple in the Garden of Eden.
    To see green apples represent developing love or love that has yet to blossom.

    To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream, indicates that whatever you are striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling, and even harmful to you. It may also represent neglect and carelessness.

    humm, very interesting Dizzy, thanks... at present i could say that most of those options are true! :rotfl:

    *Hugs* Sandra, and anyone else who’d like one.

    Paidin, I’m so sorry to hear about your puddums (our word for a beloved cat), you were so lucky he chose to be with you for so long, so many lovely memories I’m sure.

    Sandra – that’s a really nice thing your neighbour said, thank you for sharing it.

    Silva – how nice to have made such good friends so late in life. Your gentleman friend sounds like he was a lovely man.

    Dizzy, that cake looks lush! Thanks for the recipie. And woo for the xstitch! So cute! (fancy joining our cross stitch caf! over in ‘celebrations’?)

    Lola – well done with the clear out, and Rising. I hope your meds can be swapped Lola, I think its stupid with so many allergies and vege / vegan people that they do that to pills, my mum is severly allergic to egg and you’d be surprised what that can be in.
    Ps. I’m a hoarder too, but my mum’s worse, so it feels like I’m not too bad! Also I’m a museum professional so therefore keeping, archiving and hoarding is a useful professional skill!!

    I’m sure there were other things to mention, I’m sorry if I’ve missed something important.

    Well done everyone with your challenges and the challenges! (just don’t ask me about the loosing weight one, ok?)

    wanna see a piccy of my apple & ginger jam and mulled cider apple jelly? i'm really proud of myself... trying new things, preserving our harvest for winter, being frugal with xmas gifts if they're good enough...

    Relax, Breathe, Love 2014 Challenges:Cross Stitch Cafe Challenger 23. Frugal Living Challenger. No buying cleaning products. I used MSE advice to reduce my car insurance from 550 to 325!! & paid it off in full!!!
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    Spiral, that's an impressive array of preserves! I take my hat off to you. My one effort at marmalade making, about 40 years ago, resulted in the most disgusting mouldy muck you can imagine!

    Nat, so sorry that you didn't get short-listed, and here's hoping there are other openings for you.

    Now today's Big Hug goes to Lola. You poor ol' thing, despression is awful. drags you down and exhausting. Perhaps your "room tidying" plan is too much, and you're setting yourself an impossible limit. I like lists and ticks when the task is completed, so when DH was first taken ill, and I had to take over the garden, I made a list of every single thing that needed doing - and it looked daunting!

    But I told myself that it didn't have to all be done at once, so I tackled a thing at a time. First of all it was a thing a day, then some days I'd do 2 or 3 things, or none. But I ticked each completed task.

    Perhaps if you just aimed for one drawer, or one shelf at a time, things might not seem so insurmountable? I'm probably talking through my fundamental orifice, and you've done all this, in which case, I'll just send you a ((((((((( BIG )))))))))).

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    Popping in to find out if anyone here has elderly relatives who might be able to benefit from the Heroes Return 2 lottery funding that's still available. Their generation, after all, was what moulded our own, be it veg growing, mending, scrimping or saving.

    Frugal living is something that many of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have been familiar with for years. This lifestyle is nothing new to them and they can certainly teach us a thing or two about household budgeting after what they have been through during The War.

    Making the most of whatever was available, adopting a waste not, want not attitude and trying their best to eke out every penny was all part of a normal day. This has never been more apparent than during wartime.

    Vegetable growing, sewing, dressmaking, batch cooking for their hungry families and keeping the home fires burning may have been essential to survival. Meanwhile, husbands, fathers and sons would be in far off places, facing the challenges and dangers of war. Back then, there were no such luxuries as computers, globally networked mobile phones or public telephony - communications were whatever brief notes could be scribbled and sent to comfort loved ones and offer a tiny fragment of reassurance to those back home. It really is amazing just how much we take for granted nowadays when we get down to thiking about it all.

    I've blogged about it but here's the link to the lottery site for details

    The Dig for Victory scheme was introduced as soon as World War II began, meaning that every available space back home had to be turned over to food production. Stores would never last the entire nation for six months, let alone years, so allotments began springing up everywhere.

    Looking back, it is difficult to imagine how people coped living with the stresses of a war-torn nation while trying to carry on with life in the absense of many of the able-bodied men. The fight was as much here as anywhere else, only here it was a fight for survival in a slightly different way. Life was a struggle.

    All of those survivors deserve recognition and all deserve to be able to afford to visit those far-flung places where they once fought or where loved ones lost their lives. If at all possible, could you please spread the word to all concerned before this funding is gone. Lottery site has all the info at

    Sorry this was such a long post but I really think people deserve to be made aware of these opportunities. I hadn't even heard of the scheme until this year! :eek:

    Still having fun being frugal in Frugaldom, still on budget with my £4k and still hoping everyone else is managing to keep on top of their finances, despite all the problems life can throw at us. :o
    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
  • I'll never forget her words. She said "So you've chosen to suffer so that your pet didn't have to. How brave are you".
    Take care chickens.

    Paid in chicks I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. Bless him. It's one of the most heartbreaking things we sometimes have to do as animal lovers but the words from Sandras neighbour brought a tear to my eye and will offer you some comfort.
    Huge hugs x
    natnat13 wrote: »
    Didn't even get shortlisted for the job, gutted :(

    Aw natnnat. Sorry hun. Are there any childcare qualifications you could do alongside helping out at your childs school? That way you can do the theory whilst actually in 'placement' iykwim x
    23rdspiral wrote: »

    , that cake looks lush! Thanks for the recipie. And woo for the xstitch! So cute! (fancy joining our cross stitch caf! over in ‘celebrations’?)

    Thank you Spiral and I'd love to join you in the cross stitch caf :D Will pop over later. I could upload two other x stitches I completed a few weeks ago as an extra Christening gift.

    Your jellys and jams look delicious. I would be over the moon if someone gave these to me as gifts.

    Hugs and virtual tea and cake to everyone who needs it.
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    PIC - I am so sorry to hear about your cat :( it's absolutely heart breaking when the time comes. thinking of you xx
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    Well my frugal dinner has gone out the window.

    Was going to use the left over roast chicken in a White wine sauce topped with bread crumbs but I've just burnt the stock to smithereens - another glass of wine is in order!
    Here dead we lie because we did not choose
    To live and shame the land from which we sprung.
    Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose,
    But young men think it is,
    And we were young.
    A E Housman
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