MSE News: Sainsbury's shopper arrested for coupon fraud



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    Well thats going to bother, I would say almost everyone, because loads of people have admitted creating face book accounts in lots of names to get more coupons, I wonder how they found out? but if you look on FB unilever vip the amount that has 'liked' is in the tens of thousands:eek: One minute you read that it is not illegal, then you read this happening! Oh dear.
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    What would have happened if when you used the second coupon you said to the cashier "I used one of these last week but printed off another one. Is it ok to use it today?"?
    I think if they would have said "no" and you knew that and that is the reason why you didn't tell them then that is certainly being dishonest. I guess it is fraud.
    If you think they would have said "yes" and the reason you didn't ask was because you knew what you were doing was allowed then I don't see a problem with it.

    Yes, but the honey shreddies voucher was a pdf document with everyone using the exact same voucher. When it was posted on MSE it was stated that you could print off the coupon multiple times.

    The article refers to printing the same voucher. If different companies have different policies on re-printing and using vouchers how are we supposed to know if its allowed on not?
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    The article refers to printing the same voucher. If different companies have different policies on re-printing and using vouchers how are we supposed to know if its allowed on not?

    She used a voucher mulitple times but wasn't buying the items the voucher was designed for - she was just reducing her shopping bill. Clearly fraud.
  • Personally I think if someone deceives the system - for example creating false fb accounts or using fake names and addresses- they are running the risk of getting a slap on the wrist. Sadly the more this type of thing happens, the more likely supermarkets are going to make it hard for the genuine couponers.
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    Does it all mean that those coupons with my name I can use one time, so not for deals 2 for 1?
    I printed 1 coupon twice (accidently, as I am on my own and do not need so much stuff, one is enough for me), but I have 2 simmilar coupons with different code number, but both on my neme, can I use both of them in one transaction 2 for 1?
    I mean for example supersaveme coupons with name?
    Or if someone use 2 coupons for 2 names (her and her partner for example?)

    I am quite new in this. Just want to know if that is wrong, but people do it anyway?
    Thank you
  • On coupon thread I can read (one of last posts) that someone used 4 x coupons for cif and 4 x coupons for comfort (I think from unilevel vip?)

    How come? It says 1 coupon per person... I am lost in this now.
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    I am happy to use coupons to reduce spending costs, but to use false names is a step waaaay too far. That is, indeed, fraud and greed.
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  • I do the shopping for several family members (totally legitimately) and whilst I rarely use coupons I have had coupons in different names to use in the past - is that not allowed:eek:?

    I also can't fully understand this story. I remember someone telling me years ago people can call themselves any name they like and it isn't against the law?! Sounds a bit strange now I come to think of it, so I probably misunderstood. It must be the deception bit maybe where she went wrong, deliberately deceiving or something.

    I don't like giving out my full name on things/to companies so on the odd instance I have printed I would use an abbreviation. Makes me panic now I might have done something wrong, think I will steer clear of coupons in future, too much hassle!
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    Quite frankly I'm not surprised at this news story and could see it coming!!!

    Don't be surprised if people start being banned from stores for coupon abuse - Supermarkets and companies offering money off coupons aren't charities just giving away loads of stuff for free , they are profit making organisations and we are the consumers but everything has gone topsy turvy where the consumers now want to make a profit out of the retailers rather than the other way round

    If you had a business to run which relied on profit margins you would not be happy if some people took the **** with a 'special offer' or discount to skank you out of your profits!!!
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