MSE News: Barclaycard to maintain 1% Egg Money cashback

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The future of the perk had been in doubt after the UK's largest credit card provider bought Egg's plastic business in April, which involves the transfer of 1.15 million card holders


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    I shall use my card (Egg or BC) up to next cashback and then its going in the bin - Barclays have never been my bank of choice.
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    Remember remember the 7th of November as the handover date to your new card and PIN.
  • Listen - Im sure most people thought Barclays were going to dump the 1% cashback, and were waiting for confirmation before jumping ship. I suspect Barclays realised they will have spend many hundred millions of pounds for fresh air if they discontinued cashback......I for one will carry on using my Egglaycard.
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  • Iv started using the new Santander cash back credit card which is really good for petrol at 3% cashback every month
  • Good news for Egg Money holders, but not so good for standard Eggers. The Egg Cashback Store powered by Quidco is being dropped, so if we still want to use Quidco it'll cost us £5 a year. :(

    Also, the minimum interest charge per statement is being increased from 50p to £1. Not the end of the World, but it does contradict what the Barclaycard spokesman said - "where there is a change to terms, it will be to the consumer's benefit".
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    Oh, is this the same Barclay's that bought out Morgan Stanley's 1% cash back card?

    I think a large dose of salt should be served with any statement from Barclay's regarding long term future of cash back
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    I dont mind about the quidco site, always use topcashback these days...they seem to have a better record of paying out, even when merchants/associates go bust

    with the 1% cashback- I am happy thats its staying, I am/was sceptical that it would stay and suspected that it may be reduced over time, saying that though Barclaycard have "created" a "new" type of barclaycard to accomodate the eggmoney users so there must be some kind of commitment, but I for one will be off if the cashback goes in future
  • Barclaycard. Soon to be the only credit card in the UK as they buy out all the competition.

    Will NEVER EVER touch barclaycard again as their CS is evil to the core.
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    Don't forget the missed event cover and one year extended warranty both also remain with the Money card - two very useful pieces of insurance I've used in the past. As others I'm happy to see the terms stay the same, but will keep a close eye on the future of the card. Ultimately other companies are now offering cashback (like the Santander 1-2-3 card) so to withdraw the main benefit would have done nothing for them.
  • It seems like Egg Money Manager may go with the sale. I had this answer from Egg customer service.

    "This service is currently part of the proposed sale of Egg Savings and Egg Mortgages to the Yorkshire Building Society. This may mean that in the future you'll lose access to Egg Money Manager as the system will be owned by the Yorkshire."
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