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September 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 31 August 2011 at 10:44PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Well one thing have found I need to buy is a freezer marker as I have 6x portions of "something that may or may not be stew/curry/soup/savoury mince" it all looks the same when it's frozen?!
    Trying very hard to be frugal and OS - just plodding on and doing my best!
    :money: :money:
  • FoxFaceFoxFace Forumite
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    TrixieB wrote: »
    Well one thing have found I need to buy is a freezer marker as I have 6x portions of "something that may or may not be stew/curry/soup/savoury mince" it all looks the same when it's frozen?!

    Yes.... this.... this applies to me too! :T

    Another NSD for me today, another day where I have been too busy at work to even think of going near a shop ;)

    DH has gone to T's for some cola, but he is paying for it himself because I only buy value (I much prefer it tbh) and he likes branded pop! This suits me though, as it doesn't count towards my NSD's or budget :rotfl:
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  • I have exactly the same problem! I took 'chicken' out this morning only to discover its actually pork! when i freeze meat i put it in bags with enough for the 2 of us. So Chicken tonight with pork instead! I went to co-op on my dinner and spent just under £3(i really need to start remembering to keep my receipts!) needed to get peppers and was dreading spending nearly £2 on them in coop. but luckily my manager was going to asda on his dinner and got me the ones on offer so they were only £1! :) cant get to asda with the car being off the road. hopefully will be fixed today! x
  • Hi all

    Just popping in to report spends totalling £52.43 bringing me dangerously close to my £220.00 budget. I've got a week to go and although I've got all the main meals accounted for, ingredients for bread and sandwich fillings and ingredients for cakes/flapjacks for lunch boxes, I will need milk, yoghurts and fruit before next Monday.

    Have a nice evening everyone.

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  • Well I have just over £20 for the rest of the month, but I have meals planned until the end of next week, and a quick run down of the freezer shows that whilst our meals will be rather chicken heavy, I can feed us from that for the last week of the month. That means just milk, fruit, veg and sandwich filling, so I think it is going to be ok! I have discovered a nice easy meal which does not cost too much and seems to be bigger and more filling than the component parts...

    Brown some chicken thighs (or whatever kind of chicken you have) in a pan..ideally the kind that can be used on the hob and in the oven.
    Add an onion if you have one (or some chopped up celery or similar)
    Stir in a can of chicken soup and a can of water (use condensed soup if you can, if not, it doesn't matter)
    Sprinkle over a teacup full of rice.
    Stir in some frozen peas or other frozen veg.
    Pop the lid on and bake for an hour at about 170oC in a fan oven, a touch higher in a normal oven.
    If you have it, grate over a little cheese.

    If you find a packet of reduced chicken thighs this is really economical but tastes really lovely.

    Hope everyone else is having a good month so far!
    September Grocery Challenge £236.28/£260
  • sproggisproggi Forumite
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    Managed another NSD.

    Tried out my new breadmaker and found out that it works well, even if the BBD on the yeast was 2008, the powdered milk was 2010 and the flour was May 2011 :rotfl:
    Made a plain loaf and a fruit loaf and both rose perfectly with no heavyness.
    Pre MSE days, I would probably have binned everything out of date, now, unless it is a use by, the dates might as well not exists :T

    'We can get over being poor, but it takes longer to get over being ignorant'
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  • TrixieB wrote: »
    Well one thing have found I need to buy is a freezer marker as I have 6x portions of "something that may or may not be stew/curry/soup/savoury mince" it all looks the same when it's frozen?!

    I was the same, always putting portions of food in the freezer and thinking I'll remember what was in there. I now freeze portions of curry, spag bol, chilli etc in a shallow rectangle box and then put a freezer bag which has been labelled around it. When the contents are frozen I take out of box so I can re-use it and put the solid block in the freezer bag. They are then all the same size and its easier to stack in the freezer than trying to arrange different shape spag bol etc.

    Officially debt free :j
  • edited 19 September 2011 at 6:12PM
    TrixieBTrixieB Forumite
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    edited 19 September 2011 at 6:12PM
    Wish I knew about that tip Tracy12, have just portioned up a load of spicy carrot soup into bags to freeze, oh well, they'll be weird shapes now as threw them in lol

    Boyf just rang and is picking up a takeaway now grrr - well not grr cause I get a curry! but grr cause had got my menu plan all sorted and now going to have to re rejig it!! At least it doesn't come out of my grcery budget anyway :)

    So the chicken leftover from roast has been stripped and frozen - each breast chopped and bagged up seperately ready for a pasta bake and a suet crust pie, wings and carcass and skin etc bagged ready to make stock at a later date as I cba now.

    **EDIT - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Now I get a phone call saying oh come out and I'll take you for tea> I haven't washed my hair and still have PJs on, why does he always do this to me on days like this, never when am feeling great and have made the effort to get dressed and dolled up a little argh?!
    Trying very hard to be frugal and OS - just plodding on and doing my best!
    :money: :money:
  • MummyEmMummyEm Forumite
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    I went shopping this am and ending up spending quite a bit more than was really necessary but did stock up on quite a few items including a years supply of toothbrushes for the kiddies!

    Now up to £320.90 - actually a bit less than my sig as forgot to take out two xmas pressies I bought.

    Should still be ok for the month though as we do have loads of meat in the freezer so next week I think I'll do a 'bare essentials' shop to take us through to the end of the month. It would be great to come in under budget. I reduced it from £450 last month as I'd managed to just come in under, would be great to be able to bring it down to £400 for next month but I'll only do this if I'm under this month IYKWIM. My ultimate aim is to get it to around £350 but this is a level which is comfortable for us and I don't want to deprive us too much otherwise we end up having massive overspends when we just lose it!

    I need to do a stock take of the cupboards and freezers this week as to check what needs using up. Doing this is the only way for me to realise just how much we have in!
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    ThrivingOnThrift, I've added your recipe to the index on the front page, listed as Chicken Bake but if you want it called something else ;) let me know
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z Head Sharpener
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