MSE News: Punish rogue debt firms, says Citizens Advice

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The charity is calling for tougher sanctions on debt management firms that exploit vulnerable consumers with huge fees


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    the consumer that has seeked help should get better protection, if it wasnt for cab cutbacks etc there would be no need for this type of firm as it would be free. The way creditors should look at it is that they are paying, looking on the forums these days how many how do I get out of this do you see?
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
  • Citizens Advice is a joke. I was there recently regarding mortgage arrears and they recommended that I get a loan to pay for a solicitor! I had disclosed to them my financial background so they knew my low income and debt situation. I left with no help whatsoever after filling in forms for 20 minutes at the beginning of the meeting so they could justify their existence. I can't believe that I supported them so strongly when the cuts in their services were proposed. Maybe the Government knew that they were crap and they deserved to be chopped! When you have a financial problem in this country you are on your own! (BTW my situation was caused by early retirement due to medical incompetence on several occasions during neurosurgery. I live on a small private pension and have claimed no compensation or benefits as I am not a sponger and I try to sort out my own problems. But I have been unable to obtain even part-time work due to my on-going ill health. I will be evicted on 6th Oct. Thanks Citizens Advice! Thanks NHS! I hope this winter is not too cold on the streets.)
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    Our view is there is no need for this type of firm, or for anybody to pay for debt advice, as CCCS is able to provide debt advice and support to whoever needs it.
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    I will be evicted on 6th Oct. Thanks Citizens Advice! Thanks NHS! I hope this winter is not too cold on the streets.)

    I would suggest you seek some advice from shelter.
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    Something also needs to be done about bogus loan firms charging £70 for a loan which never materialises.
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