Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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    I always find the frozen pizza doesn't taste the same as the shop ones.. plus they are not cheesy or doey enough imo (I find frozen pizzas go too hard compared to the takeaways)

    You've got to try Chicargo town "Takeaway" pizza then. I love Dominos and Pizza hut etc, but this Chicargo town stuff (that I get from my local cheap freezer shop - Jack Fultons - for £2.49 a pop, to be very comparable.

    Even at full price in Tesco @ £3.78 it's cheaper than ordering in.

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    I like the thin and crispy ones in Lidl. I think they're called Supreme, there's 2 in a pack for €3.59, probably about £3 in UK. Just 12 mins in the oven and they're delicious.

    P.S. Called Pizza Speciale (with pepperoni and salami) not Supreme sorry.
  • While I'm here I also recommend the Harvest Basket Potato Gratin from the chilled cabinet. mmmm .... 30 mins in the oven, really nice.
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    I must just pop by to say how impressed i am with the doner kebab from Lidl. For £1.49 for 2, if you're on a budget but still crave a kebab these are really rather good! Not as big as takeaway ones but still yummy. You get the meat, the pitta and the chilli sauce but I added tomato, cucumber, mayo and pepper. I'm definitely going to get a few more for the freezer for those end of month 'i fancy a takeaway but can't afford it' moments!!!
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    Aldi have the 3 bird roast in for £6.99. Thanks to original poster:T
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