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September 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 31 August 2011 at 10:44PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • PuzzledbubblesPuzzledbubbles Forumite
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    poppy-glos wrote: »
    can anyone advise me please. i have been given a large carrier bag of cooking apples, and having spent several days doing other fruits and looking for a way out instead of all the peeling and coring. i'm sure i saw a recipe once where the apples went in whole (but not sure what it was). Does anyone have any tried and tested recipes like this they could share with me please

    poppy x

    The only recipie i know for whole cookers (which happens to be one of my fav's) is to simpply bake them in the oven, if you core them and then fill the middle with mincemeat (or sultanas/raisns and a couple of spoons of honey) and then top off with some custard.

    I am sharing your pain though, MIL has a great cooking apple tree and it always seems like a never ending round of peeling, chopping and coring to get them in the freezer.

    If you can face peeling some and making a tart this is the recipe i use which always goes down well.

    Apple, Lemon and Honey Tart

    23cm fluted dish (i use a ceramic one from Mr T)
    250g (or enough to line the dish) short crust pastry
    Lemon Juice (i use bottled but recipe calls for jucie and zest of 2 lemons)
    3 eggs
    100g Clear Honey
    50g caster sugar
    500g cooking apples peeled and grated

    Make the pastry (normally a 8oz flour 4oz fat mix is enough) and line the dish, blind bake in the oven for 15 mins at 190c or gas mark 5

    Beat together lemon zest, eggs, honey and sugar then add 4 tbsp of lemon juice.

    Stir in the grated apple then spoon into the pastry case.

    Bake for 30 - 35 minutes until set and lightly brown

    Serve warm (30 seconds in the micro if reheating by slice) and with cream or ice cream if you have it.

  • Just popping on to update quickly. Had to dash to MrT's last night as was running low on fruit for kids lunches. Ended up spending £15.51:eek: taking my totals for this month to £112.73/£250, not good.

    I am currently attempting to give up smoking so that shop did include a new toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash to keep in my bag, every time I feel like a fag I brush my teeth and the craving goes! Shopping also included the (free) jelly mentioned on another thread. I only got 3 to see if it worked and it did so I may have to go back and buy some more today (dated till Jul12) and they make a nice change for kids pack ups!

    Anyway, off to brush my peggs again!!!
    Just little old me!
  • NaomimNaomim Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Popped to MR T's last night. I was looking for one of the elusive £20 printers on the weekly email but alas there were none :( I also needed sausages to make Toad in the Hole tonight. I ought them on weekly shop last week but DH cooked them for breakfast at the weekend.

    Luckily I managed to get 2 packs of 18 Richmond sausages for £1.33 each in the reduced aisle. The kids bubble bath/wash stuff was also half price so picked that up too. I also got custard powder and some more plain flour to make some custard cookies with.

    Total spend of £12.18 added to my sig.

    Oh and I bumped into my brother there so that was a lovely bonus for me :T

    Naomi x
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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    morning all nsd food wise today however if i can drag myself out (it's freezing) i'll be grabbing the kids p.e shoes and school coats (already paid for) i'm tempted to wait til sat so i don't have to go with all 3 kids lol, we were in really late last night so the kids had pasta and then once they were in bed we had fishfingers chips and beans it was yummy :) so were having sheperds pie tonight :)
    OCT GC £196.12/£200
  • Morning all

    totals done to this post

    Went to Coop to get sugar and some reduced bits fell in my basket - how naughty of them!! So thats £9 to be added to my total

    Have a good day everyone

    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Puzzledbubbles, I've added your Apple, Lemon and Honey Tart to the recipe index; it sounds really good - I've saved it to my recipe folder :beer:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z Head Sharpener
  • I know this may not mean a lot to any one but if you're stuck every evening washing up plates and pans for 15 mins after dinner, this may be a little useful: just opened this pack of sponge scourers (8) I bought from Al di the other day which I purchased for 60 pence if my memory serves me correctly. They are so much more superior in quality compared to the cheap rubbish I used to get from As da and for almost half the price. The sponge is really thick and the abrasive side is so much stronger. It just goes to show that these big supermarkets not only sell us inferior quality goods but also charge us double for them. So so so cross (but still happy that I discovered these new ones :D)
  • I must keep out of supermarkets, or atleast my local Mr T`s, even though its Thurs am not many checkouts open and got stuck behind an old couple who had loads of stuff and were so slow, although did have a nice chat with them. I hate queing!

    went to Ald* first and was so much better, in and out.

    But had to go to Mr T`s for some stuff for mother in law. also picked up a few bits, so £20 odd later! on top of £30 in Aldi! Seem to have cupboards and freezer full so did not think it worth doing an online shop at Mr S as I have £10 off a £50 spend, did not think I would spend that.

    Had to come home and have a cuppa and piece of tealoaf!

    Was going to `dress` pizzas, made dough yesterday but left it out and has a hard crust on it, so have to make more, trying to save time yesterday-now a waste in food.
  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    Hi, just popped on to update my totals. Went to Mr T's for bread and milk and ended up spending £26.80 :o. I don't think I've quite got the hang of it yet lol! In my defence though everything I bought was reduced or BOGOF so it probably wasn't as bad as it could be.
  • edited 8 September 2011 at 11:58AM
    FoxFaceFoxFace Forumite
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    edited 8 September 2011 at 11:58AM
    Just updating my first spend since starting the challenge :rotfl:

    Spent a total of £48.92p today, and although that is my weeks budget practically gone, it was on items that you don't buy often. My boys have to take a certain type of vitamins which they had nearly run out of (£14), and DS1 needed new plimsolls (£3) and I needed hair dye (£3.48), as I start my new job on Monday and my roots are quite frankly an embarrassment :o I did wonder whether or not to count all this on the grocery challenge... but the fact of the matter is that I have no other money, so will need to find a way to live on £1.08p until next Thursday :think:

    I do have my menu plan, which takes me to Sunday, plus I picked up some 50p baking potatoes in Mr T's so that's another day... and I have plenty of eggs so I can do omelettes or scramble. I also bought a lot of baking supplies, so we can live on cakes & biscuits if need be :D

    It's not going to be too bad, and at least I'll rack up a few more NSD's :rotfl:
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