HSBC Customer - Victim of Fraud - Bank Don't Want to Help! Please help!

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(First of all, apologies if I have inadvertantly posted this in the wrong topic/forum category...)

I've been pointed in the direction of this website by a few friends, in the hope that I may be able to get some much-needed advice.

Earlier this month I found that almost £350 of my money had been taken out of my bank account without my knowledge, seemingly via a VISA transaction to a website that deals in pre-paid "virtual" visa/debit cards.

I contacted my bank (HSBC) and alerted them as soon as I saw it, they credited the money back and said no charges would be incurred (it had put me over my overdraft limit quite considerably!)

Now we fast forward a couple of weeks, and I have just received a letter from them advising that following investigations they have deemed the payment to be perfectly legit and that I will once again be charged the amount from my bank account.


(EDIT: The letter advising they will take the money back included two pages of "supporting documents" which are unreadable due to them being a scanned doc of a screenshot that had been poorly resized. Neither myself, or the person in the Leeds CS centre, or even the lady at the branch could read the "proof" provided, completely and utterly unacceptable.)

I have spent several hours now on phonecalls arguing with offshore teams and other people in the branch and the Leeds customer service centre. All I get is a brick wall, they investigated ONCE with VISA and have since told me "We only investigate once, we don't repeat the same enquiry with VISA".

Even the woman in the branch was totally stunned by the complete lack of consideration that the offshore team had, and furthermore that there seemed to be no escalation path for me to take my genuine complaint higher for resolution.

I have requested that they provide detail of the IP Address used for the top-up of this virtual card, and they have refused to look into the matter any further. Essentially, I've been left without any support from my bank - a bank which seems instead keen to sell me an extension on my overdraft (which I had no choice but to take, lest I face more overdraft charges from them on a daily basis).

I have just fired off an email to the company who have taken my money in the first place, advising them of the situation and how I have not had any dealings with them before. I have asked them for information relating to the account that has been apparently set up on their systems and the card that has been registered on there with my money. I have no idea if this will be of any use, though. I highly suspect they will simply give me a similar brick-wall treatment and refuse to provide anything.

Has anybody else here had such an experience? I am rather lost when it comes to all of this - I pay my bills on time, all the time. I don't got registering and taking out payments on random virtual cards - I have no need to!

(Also, I can't just up-and-move banks so easily, I have 2x savings accts, a CC, an overdraft, and pension with them... rather tied in! :( )

Please help? :(


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    You now need to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. Failing that , to small claims court.
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    they investigated ONCE with VISA and have since told me "We only investigate once, we don't repeat the same enquiry with VISA".

    I can understand that. There is no point repeating the request as you will get the same response. However, they could ask for a revised print.

    If you are not happy with the outcome of the fraud enquiry then you need to make a formal complaint to HSBC. If you do not like their response, you can then refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. You cannot go to the FOS until you have made a complaint and had a response from HSBC.

    Also, you need to be aware that in the complaint (or court action) the evidence supplied by Visa to HSBC would be used. So, you need to be sure you have counter evidence to support it. Also, if you havent gone to the police, then your case will be undermined.

    Typically, a pre-paid VIA card will need your card details, including the signature strip number and your name and address to set up. So, if it is a fraud, it does indicate that someone has got a lot of info on you (stolen card details would not have your address for example).
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
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    dunstonh wrote: »
    Also, if you havent gone to the police, then your case will be undermined.

    Unlikely, particularly with FOS as banks now tend to deal directly with the Police, rather than getting customers to if fraud is suspected.

    However, FSA Rule BCOBS 5.1.11R(1) puts the onus on the bank to prove that the payment was authorised.

    I do not see how that proof could be achieved with an unreadable document.

    So a complaint on this point may be the way forward.
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