Gas & Electricity Price Analysis?

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In the light of recent advice regarding large increases in various utulities' pricing, I wondered if anyone knew of any recent comparisons available to help one decide whether or not to switch to a cheaper / different supplier?




  • Below is Martin's latest on the subject (included in the 9/9/04 e-mail).

    "NPOWER 11% PRICE RISE: STILL DON’T SWITCH. NPower has just announced a huge price hike to follow British Gas, yet more from other companies are expected to come, so I’m repeating my call “don’t switch yet!” Today’s cheapest may well be tomorrow’s most expensive; it’s happened before. Wait until the playing field is level, I’ll remind you when its time. Meanwhile my energy switching article also includes a few general ‘bill-cutting’ tips."
    30 years, 217 days!
  • BG, like BT, old fashioned discredited monopoly, run for employees and shareholders, not customers, leave them. Any other supplier is usually better. Get your annual consumption or a good estimate, for gas and electricity, work it out. Learn to do it yourself, do not rely on salesmen. It is simple arithmetic, not maths(some kindof mystery!).  Savings are there compred with the old monopolys.  Do not stay with BG or BT. I am trying to help those who are paying to much through misguided loyaly or total ignorance
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  • So should I switch to Powergen from Seeboard now? I'm thinking of doingso, here's what one of the price comparison websites came up with based on a duel fuel bill of £600 per year which is probably a little less than we'll end up paying.
    You are now only five clicks away from saving £111.39

    And advised to switch to powergen.
    Charles J
  • ;D Don,t be fooled by the comparison sites they only clearly recommend companies that pay them commission.

    [email protected]

    email me for some info.
  • Had two letters from Atlantic today - they've increased the DD on Electricity by 11.5% then the second letter said the DD on my Gas was going up by 46.67% >:(
    How can they justify that? Hopefully Martin will advise us soon on best ways to switch over.

    (They haven't even read the meter for a long time so not as though it's retrospective - will have to check it myself and see what's going on)
  • Read your own meters. I read mine every week (keep a check on the family consumption ::)).  Do not listen to salesmen.  Get your own annual consunption. Get the suppliers price/kw.  Ignore con tricks with abolishings standing charges, they are still there, hidden. It is the basic price per kw that is important. If there is a standing charge the price per kw should be lower. Just study it, stop these companies conning you. It is very competitive, direct debits and web accounts help lower the charge. Anyway, thanks to Martin , I am now going to ring my daughter for three hours for 1p, NO not 1p/minute, 1p total. Keep up the good work all :D
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