Credit Card Charges

I recently paid off my credit card in full and 8 days before payment date, as I was going away for some time.
I now find that the card company have charged me £38.00 interest on the card I paid off and now are charging me 2 X £12.49 for failing to make payments

If I paid the total amount on the statement how can they ask for more than they said was needed?



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    It is interest on the outstanding balance for the period between the date of the statement and the date they received your payment.
  • Hi
    this is the only thread i found which is quite recent, so apologies if am posting in the wrong place!
    I need some help with credit card charges reclaiming.
    I read Martin's article about that dating to 2009, sent off data request letter to Vanquis credit card (I have changed address since the time when I 1st got a credit card from them)
    and now not only they are requesting 'original' document as proof of new address OR 'certified' copy which obviously costs money and has to be done through law firm, as far as I know, but they are also stating that according to FSA guidelines they have 56days to resolve a complaint?
    Just wanted to check if anyone knows whether that is indeed the case, as I was under impression it is the same as for current bank accounts, which is 40 days? since it is not actually a complaint but a date request?
    Many thanks for any replies :-)
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    The reclaim section of the board is here and had lots of threads/posts every day - Reclaim Bank & Credit Card Charges

    However I believe it is correct they have 56days to reply to your original complaint - but you might want to check on that board to be sure.
    I think the 40days you are thinking about is 40days to respond to a subject access request under the data protection act.
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  • Thank you Tixy :-)
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