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A couple of days ago water started seeping in to my usually bone dry cellar. We live in a terraced house half way down a hill and do not usually have any problem. Contacted the water board who said they will send somebody round next week to test the water to see if it is a problem with their pipes or drains, I am concerned that if it turns out NOT to be a pipe/drain belonging to them, who do I call? A plumber, a surveyor.. the leak is about 6 inches off the ground and I cannot understand where it may be coming from. Will I be covered by insurance?
Meanwhile, on with the wellies I guess.


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    I would ring them again to hurry them up (if possible). Re insurance - what does it say in your policy? Yes you'll need a plumber if it's your responsibility but not sure how you find out about it - perhaps the water board will be able to tell you where it's coming from after all it's in their interest to stop any leaks of water.
    Torgwen.......... :) ...........
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    Maybe check your own pipes haven't sprung a leak first.
    If you have a water meter, turn all taps etc off and go and see if the red dial is turning. If it is, you are still using water.
    If you have no water meter, turn off at your external stop !!!! wait a while and see
    if it slows down or stops.

    OK stop Kok spelt correctly is filtered hence the !!!! :D
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    hi MaureenHB, i know this is an old post, nearly 2 years ago, but did u ever find out where your water was coming from.
    I am facing the same problem with the cellar filling with water, water board came and saw, bashed the external stop and said wait and see !
    Pipes in cellar are ok, so thinking its the pipe from boundary to cellar.
    Could it be possible its ground water or something.
    Any advise appriciated
  • Hello Tigergold, I am not going to be any help whatsoever I am afraid.. The water board never came up with anything, in the end we made a watertight container to contain the flow and waited to see what would happen.. and lo and behold it dried up again! I still wonder if it was a leaking pipe further up the hill, there are a lot of rented properties on our road, and it is possible that one of them was empty and a leak would have gone unnoticed. Anyway, fingers crossed for the future, and for your leak at present. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for replying Maureen.
    Its all very bizarre - the same thing happened a number of years ago and it just dried up, and now its back again, just want to know where its coming from so i don't start changing pipes for no reason. Thanks again
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    Could be groundwater, with all the recent wet weather recently as well
  • tigergoldtigergold Forumite
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    It could well be groundwater deanos, as today its dried up !?!?,
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