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What's the single best tip you can give for all those in debt ?

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  • QueenB.QueenB. Forumite
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    To face the truth and share it so that the burden is halfed and you have someone to support you throughout what will be a long and difficult time.

    Then budget.

    Also to remember that life is precious and that although things have to be put into a relative perspective we are still very blessed.
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  • Hi i deal with all my own debt and have helped others, it really is simple and i do not see why people are petrified to respond to letters, from companies demanding outstanding monies, by ignoring them it only gets worse and adds extra interest, some companies can be a bit arrogant, but always take there name and time of call etc, this makes them aware that you mean buisness, i have helped a lot of people out there, and do not charge extortionate fees like most companies do, all i ask is a donation and monthly admin payment to cover costs, and with out money saving expert nothing would be possible, all i say is be brave speak to some one do not ignore it it will not go away, trust me you will be glad you did ???????????????
  • lilac_ladylilac_lady Forumite
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    1 - Try and save something - 20ps in a piggy bank gives you a sense of security that you'll never be absolutely broke.

    2 - Be the first in your circle to say "no, I can't afford it" - you'll be surprised how many will follow you and admit that they can't afford it either.

    3 - Follow all the tips here.
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  • TrikerTriker Forumite
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    Try to shop at your local market, meat and veg are considerable cheaper than the supermarkets.

    For those who like the sanitised supermarket shopping, remember, supermarkets are a relatively new phenomenom, years ago everyone went to the local shops or the market for food.

    Usually on a saturday and then you had to lug a weeks shopping back by bus.:rotfl:
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  • 123xyz123xyz Forumite
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    Get rid of debt cheapest way possible (for me this is second charge I was forced to take out):

    1. Draw maximum amount from Egg Money to pay off part of debt.

    2. Immediately transfer debt from Egg to Sainsburys card at 0% for one year.

    3. Anything remaining after the year, transfer to M&S card at 3.9%.

    4. When this bit paid off, repeat steps 1 to 3, until whole debt paid, or being paid at low interest rate
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  • LJD1_2LJD1_2 Forumite
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    If you're going to keep a credit card 'for emergencies' put it in an ice cream tub full of water in the freezer. That way you really will only use it for emergencies!
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  • cantcopecantcope Forumite
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    My tip would be to be honest with friends/family about how bad your debt is.

    I spent so much money doing things i couldnt really afford just because i didnt want to look like i was being tight/boring. Now friends understand if i say no, or maybe next time.
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  • Get a copy of your credit report and find out before you do anything else exactly how much you actually owe!

    There's nothing worse than thinking it's all going well then getting a sudden surprise demand for a debt you forgot about. Knowing the exact amount, and the interest rates on each debt, will also help you to plan and budget realistically.
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  • Uniscots97Uniscots97 Forumite
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    Don't be sucked in by all the fancy claims of the expensive cleaning products. All you need is stardrops and a microfibe cloth!
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  • David_B_2David_B_2 Forumite
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    As requested my SINGLE tip would be:- Live within your own means!

    ie. don't buy what you don't need or can't afford.

    If only I had a pound for every time I used the thanks button :D
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