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Iam currently with British Gas and i find that £20 is lasting 6-7 days i have 2 storage heaters on, although it is only a small flat and i try keeping doors shut the flat is still cold!

I have attempted to call british gas in regards to changing the way i pay for my electric, as i am a student i would like to beable to pay for my electric in a lump sum- monthly or quarterly. And i am in credit.

I had a visit from a sales person from british gas who informed me to ask 'powergen' to remove the meter and then switch back to British gas but i have had no luck in contacting them. The phone continued to ring.

Does anyone have any advice please.


  • Hi

    If British Gas are your supplier, it is up to them to contact Powergen (Who likely own the meter) to arrange any meter change.You pay BG for the service. Sounds like sales person didnt know what they were talking about or couldn't be bothered with your request. There could be a charge incurred here, beware. Kel.
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