Energy for the over 60s

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Martin Lewis (owner of the site) was on Radio 5 and said there is a Energy supplier which chargers a fixed rate for over sixties.
So you can use as much gas and or electricity for a certain price a year.

Does anyone know which provider this is ? ???


  • Powergen run Staywarm, for over sixties. Have been on it for nearly two years. Contact 0800 479 0125 or email [email protected] .
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    Charge depends on no. of bedrooms and persons. Some restrictions, quite sensible. We pay £55.40 per month (new figure for October not known yet) for unlimited energy. Annual use, electricity 5,800kws, gas 22350kws. Would use another supplier if it were cheaper, always checking. ::)
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    Last year, having heard Martin mention this on an appearance on Radio Five Live, I helped my parents fill in the forms to join the scheme. A few months ago they received a letter to tell them that they were being taken off the scheme. The letter said that they were using too much energy and that the scheme was really aimed at those in receipt of state benefits in addition to their pension. My parents wrote back to say that they were not in receipt of benefits but that my 81 year old father had severe rheumatoid arthritis and that their house was kept warm to alleviate his pain. The letter received in response simply informed them of the new tariff and when it would commence.

    Perhaps their message is that they'll charge you a flat rate so long as it's to their advantage
  • We use 12% more kws than the cheapest equivalent market rate but have not received any letters to take us off Staywarm.  Our new rate comes into operation in October, waiting with trepidation :o for letter. Maybe Staywarm has changed its criteria from our renewal last October ???

    Reckon no business would subsidise all its customers, so maybe some win :) and some lose. :'(
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  • Previously on the Staywarm website you gave your postcode, no of bedrooms and no of occupants and it gave a price.

    They appear not to offer that facility now. You have to telephone with copies of your previous bills at hand.

    Presumably they will not accept you if you use too much gas/electricity or they have a variable tariff.
  • Just contacted Staywarm by email  for the next twelve months unlimited gas and electricity price, increase of 14.42%. Waiting official confirmation letter with details. Keep you posted if any change.  Oh must add, we are not on any benefits of any kind.
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    The biggest problem with this idea is, well come 2 think of it there are 2 problems

    • 1) a green issue, people are not encouraged to conserve fuels and thus 'waste' it
    • 2) once you are used to the un-ending heat, what happens when they put up prices. Are u able to cut back again to enble a choice of suppliers again or do u get addicted to it?

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  • Yes Pak Man, 2 good points.

    Spent a large percentage of my working life involved with energy conservation. So using this system we certainly endeavour not to waste the fuel. But Staywarm certainly does not encourage energy conservation.

    Green issues are a large area for discussion.  I have never seen a paper on the life cycle returns on a wind farm. Some say the original energy put into manufacturing, transporting, installation and maintenace of a wind turbine is never recovered.  Especially if as the output produced by a wind turbine has to be duplicated somewhere, from either green or conventional fuel, to compensate for the time the output generated by a wind turbine ceases through 'no wind' or maintenance. Seen big farms in USA virtually at a standstill. However do not wish to be negative, green in all its diversity is the preferred mankind survival route. So goodbye civilisation as we know it unless waste, conservation and innovation are relentlessly applied..

    Re cost we just pay extra if prices rise or, if they rise too much change to conventional supplier.
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  • I posted this in another thread before I realised it was more appropriate here.
    Been on Staywarm for 1 year and they throw me off because they can't calculate the gas meter reading into Kilowatt Hours properly and tell me I've used 50% more gas than British Gas calculate it at, and no one at customer service appears to be able to do anything. Then they automatically transfer you to Powergen Standard Tariff without asking first. To me that is no better than the door to door energy salesmen that all the fuss was about. And Telecom Plus is cheaper than they were going to ask me to pay for the next year anyway. Just waiting for Martins update after the price rises and I'll be rid of Staywarm/Powergen and their abysmal customer service.
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    Today I received a letter from Staywarm,(recently taken over by Powergen) informing me that my usage is over their NEWLY introduced upper limits. :( The bill is so difficult to fathom out exactly how much I am using/spending :-/ :o They say that I have consumed over the past 12 months:

    Electricity 2542 kilowatt hours
    Gas 28222 kilowatt hours of gas.

    Does this sound an awful lot?

    My bill shows units used how the heck do I work the kilowatt hours out :o?

    I live alone in a 2 bedroomed bungalow, I don't have the heating on in the spare bedroom, and I certainly wouldn't say I abused their system. I turn the heating off during the night also, so I am a bit mystified.
    I would really appreciate some advice as its a bit worrying with winter coming on.
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