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Parking Control Management Letters now being received

Hi all, some history for you.

Our car was in for repair and we had a courtesy car from a rental company. A few months ago we parked at a large shopping center in the South East, our son is disabled so we parked in a blue badge bay, sadly we genuinely forgot to put the badge on the dashboard and only realised just before we returned to the car, to find a Parking Charge Notice.

Naturally gutted we appealed before I started to read the forums on MSE and wished we had not. Reading the advice to ignore the PCN it was only last week the first letter arrived demanding the payment and, just today a further letter suggesting possible baliff/CCJ action.

Having read many of the forums I'm happy to keep ignoring the letters but my wife is getting a little worried despite my advice that what I have read on here suggests we do nothing.

I've found a few threads of PCM and their clamping exploits but could not see them listed in the sticky with example letters.

So the question is, to keep ignoring and don't pay?...



  • notts_philnotts_phil Forumite
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    You got it in one.
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  • esmerobboesmerobbo Forumite
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    Ignore them.

    If you appealed and explained that you where indeed untitled to use a disabled bay and proved it you have done all you need to do!

    Their claims are unenforceable in your case they are even more so!
  • bondy_ladbondy_lad Forumite
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    ignore absolutely everything, do not contact, do not rely and totally ignore all the threat o grams they may send,,unenforceable,,scare tactics may be used to frighten you into paying them e.g debt collectors/solicitors letters,,,its all rubbish,,,sent by the same moron ignore.,,.
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