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Hi, We have just ordered a new kitchen plus white goods from Uber Kitchens based in Manchester, we live in the South East. A rep. came to visit, seemed straight, only took £100 deposit and the kitchen should be delivered to be fitted end of July. The price was almost half the price of other quotes and too good to miss. After he left we looked at each other and wondered if it was a scam, we have telephone the company today and spoken to a customer service person, the rep. rang us back when we asked for a return call,all seems kosher, still feel jittery though. The rep. had no brochures to leave with us, he had no business card. Anyone out there dealt with this company please. Thanks :o


  • Hi, I have arranged for them to come and see me on monday. I too am worried it may be a scam! Could you post how it all goes please?
  • Hi, I have arranged for them to come and see me on monday. I too am worried it may be a scam! Could you post how it all goes please?

    looks like the advice is mixed but generally looks like a scam! CHECK OUT
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    Hi, i came to Kitchens uber through their website. called to get free quotation. A gentleman came on 23/06 sharp on time. did a quick design and showed the options available and quoted the price i would have never thought of. he said we are better in quality than b&q, homebase and other companies, our carcasses are 18mm with a rigid back unlike b&q or homebase. they did 900mm tall wall units which i was really interested in and that was the reason and the price they were doing the work was all coming under £3000. i called them to finalise everything. the guy came again on the 28/06. did the final drawing and took £100 deposit. the next day received call from kitchens uber and they said my order will be delievered on 06/07 and the fitter will call me to book the next day for fitting which was 07/07 and so he did. i was very happy that finally i'll get my new kitchen very soon. i received call from them on the 4th of july to inform me when they will deliver that was between 7am and 7pm. called me again on the 5th that they'll deliver my kitchen on the 6th and call 1 hour before they are due at my place. Couple of hours later on the 5th they called me and said they don't do 900mmm tall wall units instead they do 720mm. i told them that how come i was not informed earlier about this. they said the gentleman perhaps didn't know that we have stopped doing 900mm. WHAT A LOAD OF NONSENSE!!! i was very annoyed. recieved another call from a person and he said the samething and insisted that i buy 720mm and they will give me £100 less. he showed me other ranges they do 900mm units but i asked that if i could see the sample to check the colour and material to finalise but he insisted that the colour and material is exactly how it looks in the picture and they have to get it ready for delievery. i got annoyed of his unprofessional and rude behaviour and cancelled the order completely. after that received call from another guy he was offering me the same and when i asked him who he was i could hear someone laughing at the background and after a little silence he said he was the sales manager. Sorry for telling all the details conclusion is that they are bunch of UNPROFESSIONALS.... KITCHENS UBER DO NOT EVER CONSIDER THEM!!! The calls didn't stop after that still receive them from time to time.
  • They are scammers and im tempted to contact the police, i think if enough of us do that maybe we could get something done about it.

    Two months later and my kitchen is half done and no contact from the company.

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    A quick Google threw up several other postings of complaints e.g.

    Buyer beware?
  • I am distraught, after waiting 2 years for a new kitchen I contacted uberkitchens from an ad in local paper. The rep came round, we discussed what we wanted, he gave us a brilliant price, we gave him £100 and an expected delivery date,cash on delivery. We booked our builder, went away on holiday for 2 weeks and during our holiday our builder rang us and told us that nothing had arrived. We then rang Uber from France and realised that this was not a kosher company. Half of the kitchen has arrived, our builder paid cash for us and we are still waiting after 6 weeks for the remainder. Contacting the company is a nightmare, I have been on the phone repeatedly for over an hour and then the line goes dead!! I have just put the phone down after 6 phone calls that have been cut off.
    DO NOT BUY FROM UBER KITCHENS. I am contacting Manchester Trading Standards today.
  • Uber rep came Sunday 2pm, very nice chap however from first contact local newspaper ad there had been no mention of company name, I had to ask rep must admit he was a little edgy when he gave the Uber name. Sorted kitchen style etc.
    Once rep had gone I felt 'twitchy' felt this before and ignored to my cost, phone call this eve from Uber to arrange delivery, chap I spoke to gave me no reason for confidence so I registered and came on this web site, thank you all, I am canceling my order I will only lose £50.00 and I think that is cheap for the lesson.
    Thank goodness for websites like this and people astute enough to use it.
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    Hi All

    A guy came to ours on Monday, shown us 2 styles of kitchen cupboard colours, we chose white as cheapest. Couldn't believe price, he said we have come straight to the Trading Company and can do it cheaper than B&Q etc. Price, £1,507.00, paid £100 deposit. Ordered it for 4 weeks to give us time to choose a Gas, Electrician and Fitter.

    My husband read on the back of the plan, a day after he had been and states that "there will almost guarantee that one item or more will be missing, damaged or wrong and before fitting the customer is advised to check all products for defects or missing items, and to report such complaints immediately to the company to our customer service departement on 0161 669 4780.

    Now i am worried,
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    DO NOT Give these People your Money, I still have 8 useless units in boxes in my house. the Planner told me that the oven could be plugged into a standard 13 amp Socket (DANGEROUS ADVISE) there units are virtually useless as they will not assemble . they sent the wrong draw boxes, there were 2 drawer fronts missing, the "customer services" team keep you on hold for 45mins then hang up after sniggering at you. I was fortunate not to Book thier fitters as My Fitter was a Saint and I can not thank him enough He sourced New Units that where top Notch and work tops that where the same,:T He salvaged our project I just wish I Had called him before ordering the CRAP From Kitchens UBER, So Thats a big thanks to him. I am now trying to persue Kitchens UBER and have just sent the first letter by recorded to find that it is being returned to Sender so it looks like the address they give is a bogus one where no one actually operates from. It seems that these con men have been operating for some time under different names and will continue to do so because our government and other so called guardians of the people simply cant be bothered to pass laws to stop Thousands of Tax Payers being ripped off every day by the parasites that choose to take the easy Path. well I Believe what goes around comes around and these people sooner or later will get thiers ...
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately everything people have said here has been great, it's just been read by many too late. I am posting because my nan has recently been ripped off by KitchenUber. I am trying to do everything I can to help her out. People have mentioned they have sent letters...even though they have been returned to sender or recieved no reply, Trading standards says this must be done. But surprise surprise we can find no address to send it too. People who have sent the letters could some one possibly give me an address to send a letter please?

    It would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks :)
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