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How do you find repossessed homes to buy

I have looked on the Internet and they seem to require a regular fee for me to view all properties in Leicestershire area that are coming up for auction.

I would have thought it would have been more readily available especially when they say repossession of homes is on the increase.

Does anyone know of a way to find out details of properties in your local area for free???

Your help would be most appreciated.


  • WingsWings Forumite
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    Google Propety Auctions..Savils,Alsops are just two of many.
  • WingsWings Forumite
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    Google Property Auctions..Savils,Alsops are just two of many.
  • alba37alba37 Forumite
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    Countrywide is another one.
  • gallygirlgallygirl Forumite
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    Not all repossessed homes go to auction. Get hold of the Mercury on houses night - you will see notification of offers on repos in the estate agent ads. Seems to be concentrated on just a few agents. Give them a ring and ask to be notified of all.

    However, in my local area (not far from you) the repos don't seem to go for less than market value. A bit like houses needing renovation - people think they'll automatically get a bargain and seem to lose their heads a bit.
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  • Nearly all repos go on via EA's long before they hit an auction.
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  • Hi! you can get these repossessed houses. I had a website as well.I will dig it out and post it here for you to see asap. The deals were fantastic but i did'nt have enough cash for deposit.
  • Many repossesed house don't sell for much less than any other house that is on the market. Many that I have dealt with recently have actually been sold for OVER asking price, so don't assume you are going to get a bargain!

    Whereabouts in Leicestershire are you looking? I may be able to help you.
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  • ali111 wrote: »
    Hi! you can get these repossessed houses. I had a website as well.I will dig it out and post it here for you to see asap. The deals were fantastic but i did'nt have enough cash for deposit.

    Do you have the website address? I am looking for a bargain buy, as the rest of the world!
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  • rob2360rob2360 Forumite
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    Repo'd houses generally go to auction houses. Whether it's a bargain depends on how many people are bidding for it! There are what appears on the face of it to be some absolute bargains; but then they might have damp-rot or need underpinning or the roof might have collapsed last Tuesday - who knows.
    Try for example
    I'm not affiliated with them in anyway btw...
  • hethmarhethmar Forumite
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    Heres some auctioneers. Do remember what seems a "fantastic price" is only the guide price and they very often go for more.
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