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MSE News: Tesco Bank online log-in pain 'now over'



  • rtoobtoortoobtoo Forumite
    25 Posts
    The pain has ended for me.
    Phone queues are down to around 2 minutes - however the lady talking before you get into the queue adds another 2 minutes.
    So 4 minutes is within my acceptable wait time and I managed to close my account.
    The chap who answered was trying to get me to stay with Tesco Bank - saying he could talk me through any difficulties - all I had to do was buy a mobile phone and all the expense that involves.
    I politely told him no thanks and now my money is slowly wending its way to my nominated account.
    Hurrah !
  • Finally managed to speak with someone at this so-called bank and have closed my account. Lady on phone said lots of people are 'leaving and they are worried for their jobs' - never mind the poor customers who have been locked out of their accounts and spent the last week on the phone waiting to be answered. They are simply not up to the job of being a bank and the FSA should investigate. Suggest they stick to selling groceries.
  • Jim431Jim431 Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    The total failure of their system and the hours waiting on the phone ( yes I did use an 0800 number ) was bad enough but for me the killer was their NEW login system refused to accept my regular computer.

    Then I discover after another lengthy wait on the phone that they DON'T have a system to get round this problem for people who don't have a mobile phone.

    So that's me gone... no choice... nice one TESCO.
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    BernieB_2BernieB_2 Forumite
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    I was away last week, and unable to log in the week before despite using 3 browsers on 2 different computers. Now If I try Compatibility mode on IE9 I get a "bad certificate" warning about the next webpage and can't move on, and using Firefox 5 and Google Chrome I get "credential setup general error." I got through fairly quickly on the free phone line today to a rep who took my details and someone will phone back, but "it certainly won't be today as we are prioritizing customers who need to withdraw money urgently." So there are clearly lots of people still locked out of their accounts. As one of the first people on the "Homebanking Experiment" with my BBC computer back in 1983 I have to say that the current debarcle is as bad as it gets.
    Somehow I managed to get the year of my memorable date wrong logging into SAGA savings afterwards, so I got locked out of that account. However a phone call quickly answered, security questions, then an email from SAGA to reset my data and I was up and running again in just over 10 minutes. I shall be transferring some more to them as soon as Tesco get round to some basic customer service.
  • Same here,have to wait for a pin to be sent to activate a new clubcardplus over the phone after the previous card (which worked faultlessly BEFORE the change over) kept asking for authorisation which then was not accepted despite confirming the information was correct...............TOTAL DEBACLE!
    All previous online & phone security information is either lost or cannot be used anymore.
    I cannot believe how my opinion of an organisation can change so dramatically!
  • I've been trying to access my account for a week now. I have held my account for years, and have never previously had any problems (with telephone banking).
    I was actually unaware of any problems in relation to Tesco Bank until last week when i tried to transfer my money into my nominated account.
    I called only to be told i had to await a call back (which i thought was strange). I waited an hour and a quarter and called again, only to be told the same. I then carried out an online search and discovered the mess Tesco Bank has created.

    I waited a further 26hrs until the following afternoon (13/07/11), and my patience finally ran out and i called again - same call back story. What followed was a conversation in which i was told that i had failed the security check (even though i'd been asked no security questions...), when i asked if this was in fact due to a Tesco system / IT problem i was told no. I was told the only way to access my money was to await a new 'PIN' (for security reasons - no admission of Tesco Bank having any problems).

    I still don't have the PIN, and having tried to call Tesco Bank again tonight (three times) i have not managed to speak to anyone as the lines are still too busy. I can't believe Tesco Bank have the cheek to claim that the issue is somehow resolved.
    I hope the regulator takes a very good look at Tesco Banks conduct - an utter joke.
  • markw5markw5 Forumite
    59 Posts
    One month on and there are still problems. I have been waiting 9 days for my Temporary PIN. I want to move my money but am unable to do so.
    No interest from Tesco. You just have to wait 10 working days before we will do anything about it. That's 2 weeks with no access to my money.

    Tesco is a JOKE. All I want is my money out!
  • BernieB_2BernieB_2 Forumite
    10 Posts
    Apparently the temporary PINS that were promised to be sent out on 8th and 9th July were not sent out. The follow up temporary PIN allegedly sent out 14th July still has not arrived. They say to allow up to 5 working days, so tomorrow is my deadline before account closure. Clearly from the conversation today they still have a great many very angry customers, unable to access their accounts after over 4 weeks.
  • rah4rah4 Forumite
    6 Posts
    After 2 weeks of being messed about.Finally gave up on Tesco's. No PIN's no letters no clue and a story line as clear as a Parliamentary Committee.

    Asked to close the account and was transferred through to some one who was clearly becoming a expert at this.
    After security and a call back they will send a cheque......won't transfer it back to me electronically...mind you with their systems can't blame them for not taking the risk . !
    I await the post with baited breath.
    Still one lesson learnt...Don't bank with Tesco's !
  • GeorgeHowellGeorgeHowell Forumite
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    Having returned from holiday the other day I found that I had received a letter from Tesco Bank confirming the closure of my account and crediting accrued interest to the designated account. There were some platitudes and apologies.

    Tesco have cooked their goose regarding banking for the foreseeable future, as far as I am concerned. I would have to be very confident indeed that there would be no repeat of this shambles before trusting them again.
    No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions. He had money as well.

    The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

    Margaret Thatcher
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