MSE News: Thousands ripped-off by unregulated will-writing firms

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"The Legal Ombudsman has called on the Government to take action to ensure consumers are not scammed ..."


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    About time something was done about this, they approach you in shopping centres exactly the same as the double glazing salesman. How many Tv programmes have there been where they advertise it costs only £25 and end up charging hundreds to those who get conned.
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    Trade body calls for red tape and regulation so they can increase their charges by preventing competition shock!!!

    Did you know it is now necessary to be licensed to fit doors and windows?!
    I think....
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    As someone who had to be the executor of a faulty solicitor written will, I tend to agree, that if conveyancing needs regulation so does will writing.
    I only hope it does not turn into an expensive bureaucratic farce.
  • Even with new legislation and the strict Code of Practice, my mum's faulty will and evacuation of joint tenancy both written by a will writer are not covered. To show it is faulty, you must prove you have 'lost' because of it, yet in practice the will is supposed to be the evidence of what you are supposed to get.
    The only true test of a will is when it is presented when you are dead, by then you are unable to check it does what you wanted it to do.
    It doesn't matter how many regulations and Codes of Practice you put in place, if the document you have left as your last wishes is faulty how can you prove it.
    In my experience 'Wills' and the 'Codes of Practice' are a scam - they give a sense of false security and no real recourse for faults .
    The dead are great consumers to scam because they can't fight back or claim their consumer rights !!!
    Legislation doesn't go far enough to protect and it doesn't work !!
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