Heating oil tank with holes in it

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My friend has discovered some holes in his oil tank at the top. He is thinking he has to replace the hole tank (approx £1000). He also has the option of switching to gas (approx £3000 for new gas boiler and installation).

I suggested just patching up the tank but he's worried that he could potentially lose a whole tank of oil if it springs a leak.

Has anyone got any ideas or advice?

Thanks in advance.


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    The way to repair a metal tank is to weld a patch on it and you wont get any one with any sense to do that!!

    The only way to go is a new tank, your friend owes it to their pocket and environment if it leaks again.

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    If the tank has gone through in one place it is likely to be getting pretty thin in other places, so it probably isn't worth trying to patch it.

    £1000 sounds an awful lot for a new tank, even a plastic one. A point to remember is that a plastic tank not only costs more than a metal one, but usually is bigger than a similar capacity metal one. When mine went, I put in another metal one.
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    £1,000 does indeed seem expensive. I bought a brand spanking new 1,400 litre plastic oil tank for £204.45 inclusive of VAT, delivery from Derby to Northern Ireland and complete with a 10 year warranty!

    In fact having checked out most of the major online tank distributors, I think you could be hard pressed to find an oil tank costing £1,000.

    I got a local installer to install it, sourced from The Oil Firing Technical Association [OFTEC] website essentially the oil heating equivalent of CORGI. He fitted a new oil supply line, new filter, shut off valve and fire valve to the boiler for less than £200.

    Hope this helps.

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