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Teacher gifts x 10!! Ideas please



  • plumpmouseplumpmouse Forumite
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    My hubby is a teacher. Every gift he gets is gratefully received however I have to say over the years we have received more "best teacher" items (eg cups, keyrings) than he knows what to do with so I would avoid them.

    Handmade gifts are always lovely whatever they are.

    You could get some organza bags off ebay and make some chocolate truffles. Easy to make and would look nice.
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  • Sublime_2Sublime_2 Forumite
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    My daughters teachers will be getting a box of chocolates to share, and a handmade card.
  • Debbie_A_3Debbie_A_3 Forumite
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    Hi! I am a teacher so I am on the other end of this. What I really really like are cards from the children; made by the children and written by the children. They go up on my desk all summer. At the end of the holiday I put them in the back of my markbook and keep the markbook for posterity.

  • meepsmeeps Forumite
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    for pre-school we got the smallest white plant pot and potted plants from ikea and my son decorated the pots, came to under a £1 a teacher.

    this year we have been asked for a contribution towards vouchers, but my son will also write a poem or something little and thoughtful from him.
  • If you're in the private sector send them a photocopy of your pension statement to give them a good chuckle, the best, and cheapest gift is always laughter isn't it not? :D
  • Teddy_KGBTeddy_KGB Forumite
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    Just keep playing your tax so they continue to get paid for doing their job?
  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    I may bake a tra of brownies for my dd preschool staff id I can be bothered but shan't beat myself up is something more interesting/ important comes along!
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  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    Moomin21 wrote: »
    I have lots of friends who are teachers and they get so many (russish) presents that they just chuck them or give them away..even biscuits and chocolate coz they're trying to diet and it doesn't help!!! i realyl don't think they'd be bothered if no one got them anything, there is never anything particularly useful!!

    Last year, they received some great objects, including a porcelin cat, a leopard print handbag (with leopard) and a snail keyring!

    Appreciate some teachers do go the extra mile and do deserve a gift, probably wine if they're stressed out!!

    Ha ha my mil is a teacher and she has a cupboard for all her gifts - I mean there are only so many mugs a person can us. Though when there were younger her kids loved all the chos - I suspect half f them get 'regifted' now the boys aren't around to eat them.

    Handmade cards are treasured though :-)
    People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • hay77hay77 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Hi all

    I am a teacher in a primary school and one of the greatest gifts I received was a hand made thank you card that the child and parent had written in. The parent thanked me for working with her child and told me that she now enjoys maths. The child wrote about a particular part of the year that she had enjoyed. It made my day and I still have the card. It is the thought that counts, not the amount of money spent.
  • SDG31000SDG31000 Forumite
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    When my sons were in primary school I used to make a big tin of homemade cakes and biscuits and put it in the staff room for the staff to share. I found that brownies went down really well, I think the teachers missed the brownies much more than my sons when they started secondary school.
    Chocolate dipped shortbread looks more complicated than it is to make and you can sprinkle different things onto the still wet chocolate to make it more interesting without having to make lots of different doughs.
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