Teacher gifts x 10!! Ideas please



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    I'm a stay at home mum so the only time the kids aren't with me is when they are at school so I'm thankful that they look after my children and I get a bit of a break.
    The fact my two are only little (2 and 3) is probably why I'm doing it. Once they start 'proper' school I think this might have to stop!
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    When I was teaching I loved it when children brought me things they'd made - thank you cards, paintings, anything like that. I treasure them still.

    Binmen, dentists etc obviously have just as important work to do, but they don't look after someone's children day in day out, in loco-parentis. I want to say thank you to the lovely teachers my children have had this year because they have both been instrumental in helping my children develop in confidence, socially and academically and have really understood their needs and personalities.

    No-one HAS to get the teacher anything, but it's clear that someone who spends a lot of time with your child, for a whole year, has a different impact on your child as someone who pops by once a fortnight to empty the bin or who sees them every 6 months for a check-up (though it's nice to drop by a Christmas card to them too.)

    And so to answer the original question - I once took a picture of my son holding up a THANK YOU written on his aquadraw and turned them into thank you cards.

    When there are so many of them, I think some biscuits/chocolates/a cake for the staff room is really fine!
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    pigpen wrote: »
    Do they not get a 'gift' every month in the form of a pay cheque?

    Do you get your dentist or doctor or binmen gifts? or is their job less important?

    I think buying teachers gifts is a totally ridiculous idea!

    Do people not as standard give the bin men and postie a small envelope at Christmas so they can get a drink anymore?

    I have to admit I've never sent a thank you gift to a dentist, but I have to a doctor.
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    pigpen wrote: »
    Do they not get a 'gift' every month in the form of a pay cheque?

    Do you get your dentist or doctor or binmen gifts? or is their job less important?

    I think buying teachers gifts is a totally ridiculous idea!
    I agree. Its particularly silly now as it seems all the mums try and out-do eachother in buying the most expensive gifts.:mad:
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    I dont do teacher gifts either but my sister does and last year she made cupcakes and my nephew decorated them to look like each teacher (he was 6) they made one for the teacher and one each for the teaching assistants, and it seems they were very well recieved :)
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  • i tend to send in a card and a basket of goodies to the staff room for all to share, i spend around £10 . i think the probem is that there ends up being the main teachers, the teaching assistants, the breakfast staff, the staff who do clubs, where does it stop.

    so thats why i send in a communial basket, last year i filled it with some snazzy pens out fo the £1 shop think there was 10 for a pound, some memo pads in funky colours, then packs of biscuits and retro sweets, looked very colourful and good, had al lthe teacjers thanking me as it was something slightly different, so i just told them as long as i get the basket back they will have the same again this yr lol
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    A couple of cheap bunches of flowers from Tesco, taken apart so that each teacher gets a couple of flowers, add some greenery from the garden and tie together with a little thank you card from your child - sorted :)
  • I have had a photo book made for each of my sons 4 teachers/teaching assistants, with pictures of all the infant children in them from this years trips out and special days at school, from artscow - they were under £10 for the 4 including delivery.

    We usually make some chocolates or biscuits and a card but it was his 1st year in school and he has come on so much, i decided to look into photo books so the teachers have a memory of not only my son but of the whole infants and all the fun things they have done this year. My son helped me design the layout and what he wanted to put under the pictures and they have turned out lovely. he is very excited about giving them to the teachers next week.

    Could you look at making one book so they can leave it in the classroom and that way everyone would get to enjoy it?
  • Ive bought my eldest sons teacher a gift (a pair of cufflinks for anyone who cares) as he has really turned things around for him, the progress he has made this year is outstanding. Purely just for the way he has influenced my sons life Ive bought him a token of thanks that will always be a reminder of how much we appreciate what he has done,
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    I would go with the nothing brigade.
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