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£20 off £40 Ocado

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    Zack1Zack1 Forumite
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    Well my order arrived at about 10:15 last night. Driver was very nice and asked where I wanted the shopping put and asked if it was my first order and then explained the different colour bags and went through the receipt and substitution. Took the chips I couldn't fit anywhere back with no problem too :) Got all my freebies as well

    What I found odd was how long he was sat outside mine in the van after giving me everything. Was a good few minutes outside the house. Then I noticed he'd "gone" but I was getting ready to go out, so as I left 5 minutes later I saw he had actually only gone to the end of the street and was parked up there on the PDA. I don't know if it was just him or if that's what's dictated to them by the company, but it must really slow deliveries down!

    I'm guessing he moved from outside the house as normally I wouldn't have seen him, so looks like the delivery is done. Wouldn't have minded if he stayed on the drive but guess some people would get funny about it

    I'd love to use them again, which is obviously the main reason they gave the £20 vouchers away, but they are so expensive I wouldn't be able to :(
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    andym6561andym6561 Forumite
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    I signed up for this deal and then had the email saying they wont honour it. I was just doing a dummy run on Ocado and the £20 voucher is there, are they now honouring this for everybody that signed up?

    Edit: Ordered yesterday and delivered today £41.67 of groceries for £24.66 delivered.
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