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24 little advent gifts for 30 year old male

Hi everyone

Im looking to make either an advent calander or hang 24 little bags on tree for boyfriend to open each day in run up to xmas, any ideas of what I could start buying/collecting?


  • LJMLJM Forumite
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    is there anything he is into that he likes hobbies etc
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  • does he have any hobbies/interests? it may help us with ideas if we know what hes into
    my husband plays guitar and is also a keen gardener so if i was doing one id give him gifts such as; pack of guitar picks, some cleaning stuff for his guitar, a song book (cheap in the works), seeds-could give a few different packets on various days, hand tools (trowl etc), garden journal, books etc etc
    i would maybe also get him a game for his ps3, aftershave, magazine sub or an itunes voucher for xmas eve.

    the rest of the days would be padded out with things like his fav chocs, novelty socks/pants, smelly sets. you could also do iou's on some days things like massages, dinner out, cinema trip etc. they can be made as *naughty* or nice as you like
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  • Thank you so much for the quick replies.

    He is really a big kid at heart, loves random things that make him laugh, loves football, goin out with the boys and rubbish tv like american cartoons hahax
  • Birdie85Birdie85 Forumite
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    I did this for my hubby last year, I had 24 little buckets hung up on the wall and they were difficult to fill as they were smaller than I realised so the earlier you start the better!

    I can't remember everything, but I do know that I got some Lego minis (the ones in the sealed bags for about £2), some mini smellies from the travel section in Boots, a little bottle opener, a tiny handwarmer on a keyring, a bouncy ball, a wind-up car, scratchcards.

    I shall be reading with interest to see if anyone comes up with any great ideas as I don't know what to get this year! :)
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  • sethsgransethsgran Forumite
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    Rio Snappers
    Mouth organ
    Sweets from his past
    Whoopee cushion
    Polystyrene aeroplane
    Glow sticks
    Magic trick
    Funny socks
    Magic slate
    children's party bag fillers
    Why not go along to your local cheap/£1 shop for things like tiny screwdrivers, useful for gadgets
    Cable tidys
    Lego mini are being offered at esso stations, not sure of the deal
    Plastic fish, like from a cracker that curls up in your hand to show your mood
    Mini rubik cube key ring
    Check out they have lots of cheap stuff. Free delivery but comes from hong kong and will take about 6 weeks to come or longer near Christmas. Check out their light saber and also finger torches. They also have mini screwdrivers and cable tidys
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  • Claire_BearClaire_Bear Forumite
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    Hi, I'm making one for my 32 year old fiance this year for the first time too so shall be watching with interest :)

    So far I've got for him:

    Snooker chalk
    Cigarette papers
    Poker chip keyring
    Lottery ticket
    Small sachet of coffee
    Candy canes
    Few chocolate coins
    Little 10p bags of Haribo
    Mini travel-size shower gel/shampoo
    Newcastle Brown Ale bottle top magnets (off eBay)
    Mini Doctor Who lego
    mini pack of cards
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  • NenenNenen Forumite
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    My children and I made a basket of 50 gifts for my husband's 50th birthday, each with a silly/funny/romantic (depending on your pov) message attached and some of the things we put in there might be suitable for your advent gift idea.

    From memory these were some of the things I included with messages in brackets - some of these ideas were from other MSEers on the birthday threads:

    Packet of Lovehearts (for the love of my life)
    Wrapped rolo sweet (for the only person I'd ever give my last rolo to)
    pair of pants (life would be pants without you)
    highlighter pen (seeing you is the highlight of my day)
    torch (you light up my life)
    cherry liqueurs (you are the cherry on my cake)
    packet of luxury nuts (I'm nuts about you)
    Mr Men book (choose an appropriate one – my dh is 6’5” so I chose Mr Tall)
    Tippex (Make no mistake about it – we love you)
    Heart-shaped paper clips (It’s love that keeps us together)

    Travel alarm (I will love you until the end of time)
    Pedometer (I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles)
    Stapler (the steadfast love you give me is the staple diet I need)
    Pritt Stick (You are the glue that holds our family together)
    Scart Lead (Wherever life leads us, I will always be beside you)
    Heart shaped rubbers (Nothing can ever erase our love)
    Compass (Our love is a never ending circle)
    Push pins (Thanks for always sticking with me and keeping me holding on)
    Goldfish pencil sharpener (To sharpen your memory)
    Calculator (There are not enough numbers in the universe to calculate my love for you)
    Sellotape (Thank you for being so patient even when things get sticky)
    Pukka Pad (You gorgeousness has been duly noted)
    Scooby Doo lucky bag (Coz I loveee loveee youoooo)
    Scissors (you are a cut above the rest)
    marbles (emergency spares -just in case you ever lose your marbles)
    Named a star after dh - free on this website:
    Box of hugs - DIY – instructions here:
    Jar of baby food (for when your teeth fall out)
    Maze/Puzzle (brain trainer – use it or lose it)
    Emergency whistle (for when you bend down and can’t get back up)
    Rubber band (to give you back some flexibility)
    Emergency penny – for all those little bladder problems)
    Ruler (Dad rules!)

    HTH! :beer:

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  • LJMLJM Forumite
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    mini lego men or a little set of lego that when he opens the last box he can make something if you know what i mean like the free lego kits from the paper
    :xmastree:Is loving life right now,yes I am a soppy fool who believes in the simple things in life :xmastree:
  • do you have a hawkins bazaar near you? their pocket money range (items under £1) contain many random things like finger alien pupets, slime etc.

    also see if any companies are doing the free samples of aftershave etc
    due to spilling coffee :coffee: on my keyboard it works when it wants to :rotfl:

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  • KitchenbunnyKitchenbunny Forumite
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    Male skincare samples,
    Chocolate flavour lip balm,
    I love these - would buy for my DH

    Otherwise, I second the Hawkins Bazaar idea, and have a look on a local market for some football buttons to make into a pair of cufflinks. :) Just need a couple of posts and some smaller buttons for the bottom superglued together then you can have the football one on top, post in the middle and smaller one on the base. :)


    KB xx
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