Saving money on LPG

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We have LPG gas for heating. Any tips on how to save money? My understanding (as its OH's house) that Countrywide (our current supplier) owns the tank, and therefore, not easy to switch

Any ideas gratefully received!


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    In terms of shopping around for cheaper LPG I couldn't comment as although I use LPG it is from a communal tank and metered. Like other LPG users however I am used to being abused by the likes of flogas, who put up prices or make additional charges due to increasing world fuel prices yet are very slow at dropping them.

    More generally, turn down the thermostat, put on a jumper before turning it up (or get ones partner to do so!!), check loft and wall insulation (can get grants to improve in some cases), fit TRV's on your radiators (if you have rads), make sure main thermostat is in representative location (and don't fit a TRV on the radiator in that area or they'll just fight each other), turn down/off rads in rooms not/rarely used (be careful in winter if you go away). If your boiler is over 10 years old it is likely to be (very) inefficient, if you're planning on staying in your house for a while the capital cost might be outweighed by the payback (and you could perhaps look at oil at the same time).
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    Right then chaps. I have found the answer.

    I have had LGP for 10 years, orginally with British Gas, who sold the company to Flogas. Last year, the price went sky high, and they didn't bring it down when the petrol price came down, and you all like me have been paying 33p per litre plus a surcharge. My tank is rented.

    Well last week, I got on the phone and shopped around.
    BP are willing to install a new tank for free, with a yearly rental of £60.00 and then if I sign up for 3 years, my first year will be 26p per litre, my second year at 28p per litre and the third year at 30p. After that I am free to shop around again. Fully guareented price, no hiden extra's.

    So armed with this, I phoned Flogas, oh yes, we can sell you gas for 29p per litre if sign for 2 years, and we'll even back date your last delivery to that price. When I questioned why I hadn't automatically been given the new price, the answer was that they were working their way through the customers. Come on I don't think so.

    So I will be switching to BP, and I will also be writing a letter to offgas or whoever I can find to complain to about the overpricing by flowgas.

    If anyone knows of the correct body to complain to, could they send me a PM or post on here.
  • Just spotted your post from last year. We're tied into Flogas unfortunately and to date (Apr 2007) they haven't reduced the surcharges they imposed in 2005 and 2006. Did you ever find out which body to complain to? I think we should do the same, and find out why the surcharge isn't being either lowered or dropped entirely.
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