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Two insurance policies for one car

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Two insurance policies for one car

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Dumbledore55Dumbledore55 Forumite
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Are you allowed two insurance policies for one car if it's for two different drivers?

I need my car insured for me and my husband for social, domestic & pleasure and business but I want my son to be able to use it occasionally when he passes his test.

When I look at adding my son to any policy with us the price shoots up and it also puts my no claims bonus at risk if he did have an accident. I don't mind paying the additional money but don't like putting my no claims at risk.

Can I take out his own insurance with honest answers that I own the car and am the main driver so that if he does have an accident when he drives it will affect his no claims and not mine?

He really will only get to drive it occasionally because I need it nearly every day for work.


  • charlie792charlie792 Forumite
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    Im glad someone else has asked this because Ive been wondering the exact same thing! I can get a discount on insurance but only if its in my own name but it will cost a fortune to put me as an additional driver on OH's policy....

    Hope someone knows!
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  • silvercarsilvercar Forumite, Board Guide
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    My son is learning to drive and has his own policy with marmalade as a learner driver. All declared and legal.
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  • Dumbledore55Dumbledore55 Forumite
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    Yes, I've done the learner driver one but can you do a similar thing when they pass their test? I can't seem to find a policy like that and we can't afford to get him his own car.

    I want to protect my no claims bonus and let him start earning his own no claims record.
  • mikey72mikey72 Forumite
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    I've only seen that type of insurance for provisional drivers.
    After that, if you put him on as a named driver, it's your ncd that goes.
    And no one will ever believe you're not fronting.

    It's a pain, as my daughter can't drive me back from the pub in my car, so after all the years of running her around I still can't get any payback unless we go in her car. (Then I get moaned at for the petrol)
  • Dumbledore55Dumbledore55 Forumite
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    Anybody else know whether I can do this?
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  • HoraceHorace Forumite
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    I don't think you can have two lots of insurance for one car.

    You could protect your NCD and add your son and ask him to contribute towards the insurance cost.

    Young men's insurance costs a lot more because they are a greater risk because of their need for speed and reputation for showing off thus causing and having more accidents.

    An alternative would be to learn to ride a motorbike and have a small 125cc bike that he can insure himself and earn some NCD that way.
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  • chunkyjamchunkyjam Forumite
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    I am an insurance professional. You can insure the vehicle on two seperate policies, however, you would not benefit from this. If dual insurance exists (more than one policy) each insurer has to pay a contribution towards any claim. Therefore, both policies would then lose their No Claims Discount anyway.

    You would still lose your No Claims Discount either way.

  • Dumbledore55Dumbledore55 Forumite
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    Thanks chunkyjam

    That's what I needed to know. From the prices I've been quoted it would actually be cheaper to buy him an old car and then insure it separately than add him to our policy!!
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