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Bit of a strange one, I'm about to move in to a house I have just purchased, naturally I'm interested in seeing what sort of service I can get on VM.

Unfortunately my address isn't list when I type in the postcode, does anyone know the process of what happens if I fill my details in, following the "take a few more details" link? As I'm not in the living in premises yet, I'm unlikely going to be around if an engineer is to visit.

Are they even likely to come knock on the door or do they just do an outside check?


  • In the first instance they would look to see how near they come to the property. If the nearest box is two miles away then I imagine it's just rejected, if it's on the other side of the same street then it might be that localise issues (wayleave, planning permission) have meant that crossing that street has hitherto been impossible. They may have another look, they may not.

    The fact that the postcode is recognised sounds positive - it's feasible, at least - and as far as I know, the survey is external only (where's the cab, where's the house, what route can we take, are there any insurmountable issues) and can delay the installation a bit. Putting the coax box on your wall is the last of the issues :)
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    Thanks for the reply. Its a new house on the street, i suspect they laid all the cable round here long before this house was built. I'll fill out the form and see how it goes.

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