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Real Life MMD: My son broke boy's glasses - should I pay?

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  • Both children were at school and the school had responsibility for them at the time. Therefore, apart from the fact that children get free glasses anyway, the children were not being supervised correctly so the school are responsible.... if anyone....... Just my humble opinion :D

    Surely the child is responsible for their own behaviour, not the school?

    Regardless, my school has 360 pupils and 12 teachers. How would you advise supervising 360 children, all day, with only 12 teachers?
  • We are talking about a very modest sum here but, regardless of how much the lad's spectacles will cost to replace, surely the sensible solution is to go halves, as has been suggested?

    Squabbling over liability merely embarrases both youngsters, who no doubt are friends and want to remain that way. Why introduce an element of commercial bargaining into such a trivial matter?
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    The boys glasses were going to be due for replacement soon if they had been broken multiple times before anyway. Aside from that the glasses are free on the NHS for children so there is no reason to pay,
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