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Simply Electronics - WARNING

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devanidevani Forumite
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I just wanted to alert all consumers to this electonic online retailer (simply electronics dot net) and its marketing practices. Now I'm not disputing they are cheap, which they are or that they are selling dodgy gear, which they are not. However, I bought a Canon Flashgun from them prior to Christmas as openly on their site they "Guaranteed Christmas delivery if you ordered by a certain time", which of course I did. I wanted to be sure so I sent them numerous emails stating the importance of delivery on time. Obviously they didn't deliver on time (not even close) and despite numerous emails never ever gave a reason. I am now so sure that they put this "guarantee" on the website to entice buyers knowing all too well they could not deliver on their promise and that most consumers would have no choice but to lump (I complained to PayPal who said if the item was received it was no issue for them) - I've also complained to their local trading standards officer who indicated they would investigate if more people complained. What's interesting is that consumers have little recourse if you shop and delivery isn't as promised. If you suffered the Christmas blues with this retailer, please post below, thanks!


  • It's simplyelectronics . net
  • thanks for the heads up!
  • toggle_2toggle_2 Forumite
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    Here's some more worrying information about Simply Electronics. They like to give the impression that they are a UK "limited" company but this is not the case. They are actually based in Hong Kong. If you visit their website and click on "Terms and Conditions" which is written in tiny writing at the bottom of each page, you will see their Hong Kong address: 1501-1508, Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HongKong.

    More worryingly, further down that page in the "Disputes" paragraph they say "Any dispute, controversy or claim relating in any way to products you purchase through the Site shall be submitted to confidential binding arbitration in Hong Kong conducted under Hong Kong law... Arbitration shall be conducted under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre." In other words, you will have no protection under the UK Sale Of Goods Act or any other UK trading standards legislation.

    The fact that Simply Electronics are based in Hong Kong also means that any electronics purchased from them will be classed as "grey imports" and a UK warranty will not be valid. They have a 12 month "return item to Hong Kong" warranty, but I wouldn't rely on this too heavily, given Simply Electronics reputation on the internet (google for the other thread called Simply Electronics: Warning on avForums).

    Myself, I attempted to purchase from Simply Electronics and they never even began to process my order and have had my money for nearly seven weeks (the matter is currently in the hands of my credit card company).

    One final point of interest. On my credit card statement it said "Simply Electronics Ltd Berkshire" but according to Companies House the only company in the UK called Simply Electronics Ltd has been dissolved. Maybe there is a "Berkshire" in Hong Kong..?
  • antrobusantrobus Forumite
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    Oh yes, Simply Electronics. I did buy a camera from them once. I took note that they were a Hong Kong operation, but was reassured at the time that they used Google checkout. Delivery was quoted as 3-5days. Five says passed but no camera. I made the usual enquiries and got the usual BS responses. I did eventually get what I ordered a week later, although I gave them some considerable grief in the mean time. Can't say I'd use them again, simply because life's too short, and I'd prefer to avoid that sort of hassle.

    I don't think there's anything dodgy per se about the company. It's just that their supply chain is a bit hit and miss. And there are simply tons of complaints accross the interweb that attest to this fact.
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    I have ordered a canon camera from them last week 20/06/2011 delivery says 2-7 days,when i paid for the item it said i would receive a confirmation email,i did not receive this so emailed them and they said they would get back to me within 24 hours with a reply.48 hours later they confirmed the order had gone through.i have been looking at their site to see the progress,on friday 24th,saturday 25th and sunday 26th it said (packing) now today it says shipped on 24th june 2011.......I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AS TO WHAT HAPPENS AND IF BY WEDNESDAY I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM......GOD HELP THEM,AS I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO BRING THEM DOWN.LOL.....I paid by visa debit so will be giving visa a ring if no joy
  • hanariohanario Forumite
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    I was really apprehensive about ordering from this company. But ordered a panasonic lumix tz18 two weeks ago, and after reading bad reviews emailed them asking when it would be dispatched....
    Got a response with tracking details, and it arrived 6 days after placing the order.

    So i had no issues whatsoever!

    But I think the general rule with this company is don't use them if you need something in a short time limit, and harrass them!
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    SilentSingerSilentSinger Forumite
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    If you don't mind having to prove your identity by sending them a Utility Bill and a scan of your credit card and then having to get your money back after waiting until the product you ordered and paid for fails to arrive then this might be the company you want to trade with. Buying in the UK may be a little more expensive but it's doesn't involve hitting your head against a brick wall. The sooner Martin Lewis does a piece about these "crooks" on the TV the better, there are plenty of people who would be prepared to contribute. Trading Standards, Newport, Isle of Wight must have a big file full of complaints.
  • devoteedevotee Forumite
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    Actually I bought from them just over a year ago, was very nervous as read some bad reviews about them, but everything arrived ok and in time. I bought a Panasonic camera, still works fine, but I had no idea that they were based in China? I guess I was just lucky that I didn't get ripped off!
  • I believe I posted this on another thread but I cannot seem to find it, strange. Here's my 2 cents in any case. Just seen all this here and after receiving my HTC phone. It arrived over the weekend in good order and the phone works great! They have some awesome reviews online, especially the reviews on Trustpilot and also Revevoo. Was I lucky ? I may be back to purchase again. I'll keep you all posted.
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