28/02 What will you/have you spent today?


Really sorry if this has been started, but searched for ages and couldn't see it. I'll delete if you point me to it! :)

Today - not great really.

80p at work on a snack :o

Made first payment to DMP (£168) but was budgeted. However, the £2.20 the PO charged me to pay was NOT. Also went food shopping, but again all budgeted so not too bad. Just don't like spending money!

Hope everyone has had a good day - any NSDs?

Sea xx
Total:£[strike]37,016.47[/strike]£0 DEBT FREE FEB 14 :j


  • 0 p........:j

    TBH though i haven't left the house.
  • 0 p........:j

    TBH though i haven't left the house.

    Same here... Well probably less then 30p in petrol costs but to be honest it was already in the car, so no actual money spent! :T
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  • cattie1cattie1 Forumite
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    over £400 -all on bills!:eek:
    all budgeted for though.
    bit of good new is man came to empty our telly yesterday (pay as you view ) and gave us £140 back that we had overpayed!:j (so part of it is being put towards my birthday dinner this sunday!)
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    Why is a person that handles your money called a broker?!:confused:
  • £7 today. Think I've prob. gone over budget now...not a good day!!!
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  • I spent £3.40 sending off ebay parcels, but to be honest the buyer has already paid P&P so a NSD really, 3 in a row :)

    I'm also really, really happy to see a bag I'm selling on ebay is now going for £19.50 - theres nothing special about it, I expected it to go for £7 at the very most!
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  • Sea78Sea78 Forumite
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    oops - now I see it! :o How did I miss it?:rolleyes:
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    Total:£[strike]37,016.47[/strike]£0 DEBT FREE FEB 14 :j
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