I'm eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge

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  • MiddyMiddy
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    Sharon87 wrote: »
    May join people in this. I'm a bit of a food hoarder lol. I'm also trying to save money so will eat pasta, rice, pasta, rice lol. Potatoes go off too quickly!

    I don't eat that many potatoes myself. On the first weekend in June, I finished my bag of Jersey Royals and the bb date was 30th April. They looked as good as the day I bought them (and only cost me 30p in the reduced)
  • NKLKNKLK Forumite
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    I can't wait to see your outcome whilst being on ww!
    I tried to do this in the past but have the commitment of a Swinger!
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  • flutterbyuk25flutterbyuk25 Forumite
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    Sharon87 wrote: »
    I can't afford to buy a freezer just for me lol. I'm moving out in less than 3 months, so will try and find a place with 2 fridge/freezers!

    Have you got a Freecycle/Freegle for your area? Try putting a 'want' ad on there for a freezer (if you have room to store one), there are always lots on my Freecycle.

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  • you be careful at the back of them cupbroads too much angel d
    the joy of raspberry angel delight!!!!

    anyway how is everyone doing?

    sunday will be the test for me. i somehow :o always manage to go there when they are reducing stuff to silly prices. and things just seem to fall into my basket!!!
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    I have one large upright freezer, one commercial sized chest freezer and one medium fridge/freezer. I cannot resist a bargain and all are crammed to overflowing. What makes things worse is that I use to buy for a family of 4 adults - now I live alone and after weightloss surgery, eat very little. I think I am buying food as a substitute for comfort eating.:o At least I can give my leftovers to my chickens or even cook some of the stuff just for them. :j

    Interesting thought that about comfort eating,I think I am doing a similar thing.

    I have managed to wean myself off a daily shop and now only go once a week but still manage to buy enough to feed a family,and stock up as though theres going to be a famine.

    I recently lost my best friend and shopping buddy .She was great
    at telling me ,No ,you dont need that, .
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  • NKLKNKLK Forumite
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    That's what best friend are for meg, so sorry for your loss!

    I cOuld quite easily join in with this as I'm now out of smp and have fully stocked up cupboards and freezer in preparation for this!
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  • sb44sb44 Forumite
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    I think I am going to have to give this a go too.

    I have two small freezers, an upright and a chest and there are only three of us.

    The thing is, I call at the CoOp every day as I have to drive past it to take my daughter to school. They have reduced items every morning ie 400g packs of steak mince for £1.45, stewing steak £1.50 etc etc.

    So I am buying things every day to either eat that day or to put in the freezer and the other stuff is not getting used.

    I can't help it though, I hate losing out on a bargain!

  • I just started doing this on Friday. My freezer is full of whoopsie mince, bread and other random bits and the cupboards are pretty full. I went on friday and bought milk, fruit and veg and cereal. I hope that will last until this week where I will do another stock take and see what is left and what we need. With 5 of us eating it I'm sure it won't last long but at least its cut around £100 in shopping for the 2 weeks I think I will have.
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    I've tried to join these challenges in the past and fallen flat on my face but I'm not beaten yet so I'll give this another bash with you all. :)

    My freezer is bursting and I'm wanting to change my eating habits so we'll eat our way through this lot and try and save as much of my shopping allowance for my new, healthier eating plan. ie.. leaving the reduced doughnuts and pastries on MrM shelves and head for the fruit and veg. ;)
  • NKLKNKLK Forumite
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    Last night we had sausage (frozen) and mash (real mash) and frozen sweetcorn
    For lunch today I think we will have one of our many tins of soup!
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